Truck cab mounted home air conditioning Is not factory-installed car automotive air-conditioning it, how power?

summer, unbearably hot, a lot of the driver’s Car first thing air conditioning. May Ganzhou County police found a large truck during the inspections, which opened air conditioning but it Is “different” – turned out to be a home wall-mounted machine. Traffic police fined 200 yuan for truck drivers, air conditioning and ordered its demolition.

Now the factory semitrailer tractors are air-conditioned, but there Is also some semi-trailer Carrying a home air conditioning. ThIs Is to better adapt to the use of trucks. We all know that the truck driver Is very hard. Especially in summer. Sometimes encounter traffic jams, or loading or unloading Cargo, service area to rest, thIs time the Car does not run, but in order to cool the cabin air conditioning or to open. But the semi-trailer three or four hundred horsepower engine idling just to drive air conditioning if it Is too wasteful. So there Is a friend came up with thIs approach: plug-in air conditioning. It Is to install a home air conditioning, so that can guarantee the cooling power, but also can reduce engine fuel consumption.

In thIs regard, the traffic police to remind, even if the Car has air conditioning some inconvenience, not a reason for installing a home air conditioner. Home air conditioners installed on the truck a lot of rIsk, on the one hand household air-conditioning design meet the requirements for road use, its poor seIsmic capacity, environmental adaptability Is not strong, prone to refrigerant leaks and other failures.

Next we talk about the problem of power supply, the first method Is to install the battery, and then use an inverter to convert the DC power to drive the air conditioner AC 220V, some battery connection specific, can be dIsconnected from the battery when the original Car air-conditioning, to prevent damage to the original Car battery. Reconnect vehicle runs normally, thIs time can charge the battery. And a good number of modifications have protection function, low battery time Will be off, leaving enough power to start the vehicle.

Of course, there are even more powerful power supply, estimated that we all think thIs Is the most direct way: I have a friend in the Car put a roll of strip, unloading time to say nice things to the warehouse, direct plug socket connected to the Car. Save noIsy diesel engines turn up fast enough.