Traveled 320,000 km BMW 730 still in service, the owner: total maintenance cost over 6 digits

In the eyes of our garage, Car shelter Is only a means of transport; and in the business world, the Car has not only the function of means of transport, but also a symbol of financial resources; There Is a saying like thIs : sitting Maiba Zawahiri do business, want not immune!

Now living standards improve, the streets filled with a variety of high-end luxury sedan; not knowing at the same time maintain the normal running of the Car, maintenance costs also spent a sum not a small number.

So today when the old Car BMW 730, for example, the owner said that since the description of the Car purchase a total of 320,000 kilometers traveled as much reason to do business initially purchased up the scene used; although the old 7-series Car has undergone numerous large and small farming business can maintain, repair oil spills, engine overhaul, engine change and other countless maintenance projects, maintenance costs so far has spent more than six digits; can be described It Is tasteless, but wasteful to dIsCard, had to shuttle customers as a means of transport.

on The picture shows the old section 730 to be repaired; today it comes to maintenance of project owners head Is large, because the original Is sent to the customer in the road, the owner found the Car more and more noIse, the sound Is very noIsy, especially the rear exceptionally clear; the owner Is customer quipped feel like sitting in the Car as noIsy on a tractor. After examination found that noIsy parts Is none other than the left rear wheel bearing damage caused; only the replacement to solve the problem of noIse.

from the date nameplate information see, the Car factory in 2007, equipped with an output of 190 kilowatts available 3.0-liter inline 6-cylinder N52 engine older; the original owner said because there Is no engine to detect leakage of coolant, and later because of the high temperature overhaul twice, ultimately failed to survive scrapped; after replacement of the engine, with about 120 000 repaired many kilometers around the case of oil leakage, so far all the ins and outs of the maintenance costs add up to more than six figures; at the same time to buy a new Car, or let Car owners more grinding more difficult BMW remain in service.

FIG upper end of the word yellow orange instrument 32 million metricThe extra mileage in garIsh; 12 years ago, as a super-luxury Car BMW 730 on the road hoot brake situation; today, 12 years later, either from the exterior or interior point of view, all can thoroughly reveal classic year. Saying that 12 years ago, ah …… I was 11 years old!

320,000 km, the bearing damage Is a normal wear and tear; reason the majority of damage to grease leakage, resulting in internal ball by lose the role of lubrication and wear, which Is giving rIse to a sound description of the owner; bearing in which the inner circle on the chart position.

Because thIs Is a 730 four-wheel drive, with the rear differential axle, so that the cage of the fixed axle large cap need to be removed; Pictured are dIsassembling nut.

after the brake wheel cylinders and brake dIsc removed, the inner circle of repression in Kazakhstan bearing Botou Will bare out. After

Remove all accessories that Will complete half of the demolition work, only to tear down the four captive circled in the image bearing screw the purpose of completing all the demolition work; but the location Fengyun screw located in the lower left corner Is very subtle, it can not be removed properly.

need to put the removed fixing screws differential axle end, so that it can be extracted to obtain greater axle Removing space. From

FIG circle on the fixing screw Is removed after generated, thIs dIstance has been completely dIsassembled sufficiently lower left corner of the fixing screw .

on The picture shows the state after the bearing has been pushed out of Botou Ha can be seen most of the grease has been lost, there are few ball has a serious wear and tear.

The figure did not remove the inner bearing Ha Botou circle. on

The picture shows the maintenance of master inner cutting circle; circle of the most commonly used method to take it above, at first with a cutter Carefully inner circle cutting a hole in a sufficient last hole Carved from the inner circle.

The final step Is the use of press, the Kazakh Botou bearing pressed together; very particular when pressure bearing, a certain to identify stress points, if a little bit negligent can lead directly to a serious decline in the life of the bearing; a small circle above figure referred to, the force point of the bearing inner circle, we can only press the inner circle.

After about 40 minutes or so of repression and installation of the Car and regain its former style; owners said, the Car follows the wind, rain the owners for 12 years, has long been in the minds of the owners was a very loyal and honorable, the future no matter how much money should be spent to repair.