Training through common BMW, Audi and Volkswagen, Why rarely seen specializing in Lexus?

everyone by virtue of past experience on the road, think of some of the pictures on the maintenance depot, and many repair works are mainly specializing in certain models, such as specializing in Volkswagen, Ford, or specializing in Audi and so on.

After all, “Car-free complete Car”, even with a group of models may also occur thIs kind of problem, so we often see in the market specializing in a number of gasoline models of repair factory.

VW Group’s products in the domestic market has a huge market share, many domestic consumers also have the exclusive public faith in the country’s we also market often see specializing in Volkswagen and other Car repair shop, thIs phenomenon Is enough to prove the quality of public goods Is not stable enough.


as a rival Volkswagen Group, Toyota also consumers are very brand trust and sales performance on a global scale Is quite good. Toyota’s product gives the impression Is always so stable and durable, everyone seems difficult to see one specializing in Toyota, Lexus repair shop specializing in the market.

ThIs allows the author can not help but deep in thought, these two brands as international brands in the domestic market have thIs very powerful, and Why can have such a significant difference, consumers are still well worth pondering.

Toyota brand as a leader in the Japanese brands, it has a very comprehensive production management system, product quality has amazing reliability, as the world less some self-sufficient Car brands, Toyota does make a lot of brands have felt the “bad faith” from the Japanese brand deep.

It should be emphasized that the Lexus brand as Toyota’s high-end products, both in the US market and in the US market, have a very good achievement, although less than a quarter of sales of the Audi, but Audi throw off a lot in the hedge ratio, good enough to see from here to the Lexus rate hedging products.