Toyota Ralink Is hate, deformation of the vehicle airbags did not pop up, 4S shop said normal

Japanese Cars in the country has been in hot demand, the Japanese brands are relatively more emphasIs on home, Car maintenance late cheaper, lower fuel consumption, most Car companies still insIst on using the naturally aspirated engine, stability indeed higher than the turbocharged Cars. Japanese Car fire Is the most influential Honda and Toyota, Honda Is self-evident, Honda Fit, Honda Civic, Honda Accord Is the explosion models, and reputation far more than the same level models, but thIs time Honda’s public relations can be unbearable , the new models CRV1.5T big increase in oil mask case up to now has not released solutions.

Many northern Dongfeng Honda 4S shop owners are Duzhe, began as a CRV, Honda Civic 1.5T later began a similar situation, Japanese Cars have had such an awkward time .

in terms of the relative Honda, Toyota thIs time of day Is very good, Ralink Toyota, Toyota Corolla monthly sales of these two Cars are close to twenty thousand, Toyota Highlander, Rong also appeared to put growth, the overall market thriving.

Both Ralink and Corolla Cars in general are not very different, the basic models are 1.2T and 1.8L dIsplacement, horsepower and data are more suitable for domestic travel, particularly eye-catching the highlight of little touches.

But no problems does not mean there Is no problem, there was a Toyota Ralink owners go out some time ago when the Car Is hate on the other, the other speed comparIson fast, Car hood position already hard and ran into the door directly after the co-pilot hit thIs stage Ralink deformed.

Ralink wheel curved, concave copilot door, bonnet and headlamps need to be replaced.

architecture mess inside the Car, the dashboard, center console all dIstortion, compression strength seems really great, just hate in the front passenger seat on the center console.

had hate like thIs there Is no saying that Japanese Cars already tin thin, energy-absorbing ability we know everything, but most owners angry Is that the Car airbags actually did not pop up! Such a big impact strength, are still not pop it airbags? Ralink 1.2T models how to say there are three airbags, but now not one.

can clearly see the positive impact location, Fortunately, the co-pilot did not sit person, two people inside the Car were okay.

In such cases it Is certainly looking for dIscussing the 4S shop! Who knows 4S store official says thIs Is normal, thIs group of Toyota Ralink do have quality problems.

Xiao Bian also check the internet at the statIstics, released from the Toyota announcement of view, New York Toyota and FAW Toyota have early recognized the new Car airbag problems, and not just a Ralink, Highlander, Corolla Is true, and announced a recall program, beginning February 10, 2019 no formal recall, Is not thIs thing today!

look at how many Cars the Toyota to recall more than 70,000 Highlander Taiwan, Ralink nearly 10 million units, hybrid and Corolla also had four or five Ralink Thousands, really tears.

a Car the most important in terms of security configuration Is the airbag, the airbag Is public before the pop-up secondary damage Will increase, Toyota Is now no direct bomb, a joint venture vehicle you can not grow dim sum?

buy a new Toyota Ralink, airbags could not play, ask the 4S shop actually said Is normal, a few days before the recall was hate, how thIs situation should do? A compensable back three?