Toyota engine, there are sugar, automobile repair shop and 4S shop do not recognize, who did?

I believe that most owners have had time to repair the pit experience, in fact repair pit Is a normal phenomenon, whether it Is to go to the 4S shop or repair shop, are likely to be a pit, but the pit cratered less problems only. But then thIs thing, it Is not so simple repair the pit.

A few days ago, I saw some of thIs video, Mr. Lang has a Toyota CHR SUV, just last month on the Internet, he happened to others a small scrape, scrape vehicle occurs Is normal, so Mr. Lang found a Car repair shop, spent 2,000 yuan last with a time of 3 days to fix the Car.

Originally repair thIs thing be over, but when Mr. Lang to mention the Car and found the vehicle starts, the engine compartment abnormal sound, that Is the kind of “ding-dong ding-dong” sound, but when traveling abnormal sound dIsappeared, so he did not Care, but then restarted when abnormal sound appeared again.

Mr. Lang said hIs Car Is still in the warranty period, so he drove to the 4S shop to check, then 4S shop and have found no problems, but the next day the vehicle on a “stall” phenomenon, engine fault lights lit up. After thIs examination, Mr. Lang has found the problem, Mr. Lang said he was in the oil filling the hole, found some white crystals, later found to be a bit of sugar to taste.

Mr. Lang said just before seen on the Internet, some sinIster business Riga sugar to oil, such as engine damage after the owner, good to make huge maintenance costs, not I think thIs Is really permit himself to be met, on hIs Car, at least to maintain the current 2-3 million.

Mr. Lang said that sugar has not fully dIssolved particles, himself only recently been 4S shops and Auto repair shop, followed by Mr. Lang to find repair shop, repair shop the repairman said that Mr. Lang’s Car just came up painting, so he did not even opened the hood, and then repair shop also offers repair time monitoring, but there are blind spots sector.

However, 4S shop forPeople said, Mr. Lang’s Car came, the fault had appeared, but Mr. Lang said that since last year to 4s shop maintenance vehicles on the situation of abnormal noIse began to appear, and now he believes that the best way Is look at the monitor, but the 4S shop staff said, because the monitor fails, the original video can be stored for half a year, now only stored for 3 days.

Mr. Lang said he would have been to repair shop and 4S shops, who can benefit from thIs thing, be sure it Is who did it. Toyota engine, there are sugar, Automobile repair shop and 4S shop do not recognize, who did? So you feel, sugar to oil Riga thIs matter, in the end who did it? Fix your Car when the pit before?