To washable carbon engine? Do not bother, the easiest way to be able to solve the

if you have had thIs experience?

at the gas station, three big oil workers moved two small steps on your side, lift the gun, and then look at you sincerely say:

brother, do not add fuel treasure? Good on the Car! You Car coke too serious, you have to add ah!

brother, do not add fuel treasure? No domestic oil, have to add ah!

brother, do not add fuel treasure? You’re your Car, have to add ah!

brother, do not add fuel treasure? Old Car plus the increase in power, Leverage!

brother, do not add fuel treasure? Run high-speed engine protection

brother, do not add fuel treasure? Plus a complete fuel-efficient ……

Brother, you are so cool! Coach, and not add fuel treasure?

owners are often forced to look ignorant: Fuel treasure in the end dim ah? Really easy to use ah?

every oil workers are maintenance divIsion, you can quickly determine the degree of engine deposits from the appearance of …

every oil workers are appraIsers, you can quickly determine the age and wear …

every oil workers are appraIsers can accurately the estimated price of the Car …

from the Car brand and your dress

every oil workers are marketing divIsion, you could have been in your ear hundred hundred thousand forced to let you add a fuel treasure …

mouth and say useless, proved a real treasure Car to test fuel to the engine in the end there Is no cleaning effect?

their hands and clothing, from the Internet to purchase a single endoscope can be directly connected to the phone, vIsually observed soot combustion chamber;

Let me talk about my next vehicle information: 330 Passat 2019, the total number of kilometers probably about 48,000 kilometers, nearly 50,000 kilometers, and have not used before the fuel treasure class products, but also never cleaned fuel injectors .

Taking advantage weekend break time, remove the ignition coil and the spark plug hands, look at the current situation of coke;

first to look at the situation right spark plug, my Car has not yet replaced the spark plugs, ignition running up and there Is no abnormal situation, and no thought replacement, such as thinking about 60,000 km time replaced once again, you can see hIs head or have a more significant number of black Carbon deposition:


phone connected endoscope, take a look at the case of four combustion chambers of coke, coke problem Is quite serious. In fact, I am still very focused on driving habits, and usually not for a long time idling, and Will always pull speed, maintenance has also done quite often, but using an endoscope was the first time, I did not expect such a problem or internal Carbon serious.

The next step Is to go to the gas station to add mustard green and petrol fuel treasure . Before adding fuel treasure gasoline were added because most of the models of tubing U-shaped design, in favor of full integration and gasoline additive in gasoline erosion, but also can be attached to the tubing wall of additives into the flushing tank. After

refueling Is completed, I was a normal Car, and did not deliberately run high-speed, or pulled up speed, that Is, the use of means of transport every day, Once I finIsh thIs tank of fuel inside the engine again to view the same way.

FIG comparIson look at the front and rear, the front end of the spark plug of the Carbon layer are washed out of the

FIG again look at the combustion chamber before and after comparIson, from the picture, the effect Is very clearSignificantly, the internal cylinder has been exposed metal color, the foregoing description of coke has been gradually dIssolved away. After use, the most intuitive feeling that I really become light throttle, hIs Car Is certainly the best understanding of their own, small changes are immediately perceived; As for fuel consumption, because it Is the first time, and not too obvious change, but I believe that if once every 5,000 km, then long-lasting cleaning coke, fuel consumption Will certainly be helpful.

to see the final cleaning before and after contrast, had to say: fuel Po can indeed remove Carbon deposits ah!

As the saying goes, the Car “one-third in repair, seven in support.” Carbon formation Is not one or two days, it takes a long process, just like the ones at home Kettle, alkaline water when you can not more common Cuzhu a cook, but if you do not deal with the long-term, when the water has a base to achieve the very thick of the time, you can only use a hard thing to pull up. The same Car, often with cleaning agent reduces the deposition of Carbon, if you feel no need to do, feel or want to save thIs money, eventually it Will inevitably lead to the formation of coke too much too thick, difficult to remove.