To the car to do maintenance, 4s shop maintenance in good repair shop as well go outside? Old driver for you to answer

people now living conditions getting better and better, almost everyone has a Car, saying a Car Is easy to keep a Car difficult, many owners out of the Car after shelf life are not Willing to go to 4s shop maintenance, Is selected to acquaintances Automotive beauty shop to do a maintenance vehicle, Why? Not because they are inexpensive, if not for the depth of understanding of the old Car driver to 4s shops to fear “pit” that thIs Is a very real problem, but personally feel that something Is going to 4s shops to do maintenance squatters , sometimes you are not friends are also going there? Next, let us together to talk about thIs subject.

The first Is the best wheel alignment thIs thing Is going 4s shop maintenance, because the original data 4s shop there, they made out of private positioned than repair Car shop made out to be a little more precIse, it Is beyond doubt, but we must own personal experience in the Auto repair shop to do the 4 position, the results have not opened a few days, the Car went wide and nearly hit to someone else’s Car, you are not in life also have encountered thIs problem, so next time we do thIs project, Xiao Bian suggest that you go to 4s shop maintenance Is better, because the safety Car and our lives They are closely related, so we must pay attention to thIs point, remember?

Is then filled up, up painting in the 4s shop, repair shop outside certainly better than many, riding in the Car outside the repair shop simply does not, say Angkesaila the soul moving red, very few people can fill out some of the more popular colors fall Is still possible, but only bad 4s shop Is too expensive, and time charge for special expensive, also need to buy materials inside the shop, which Is on the outside of the Auto repair shop has an advantage, her husband Is a cheap material fee, you can bring your own, but the results may not come out on their own stand, which we also need to know If you want a more beautiful Car, then go to a professional or a little better you say Is not it?

The second Is the private Car beauty shop Is very loose, say you want to change the oil, the oil Is entirely possible to buy online, and then to the outside of the steam repair shop, so long as you do not buy fake goods Is still very cost-effective, it Is recommended that individuals buy a new Car, mostIn 4s shop maintenance Is good, but after the Car off as long as security Is not much of a problem, like some minor maintenance, such as the probability of a change in oil and the like, all these can be made out of Auto repair shops, Auto repair shop outside after all price comparIsons are also cost-effective, Will save yourself a lot of money, and some of the larger or maintenance, then try to go to 4s shops, because they are more professional, but remember that we must find a reliable Auto repair shop point , because driving with our security are inseparable from the relationship, so we still have to drive safely.

Now more and more vehicles, and the Car has a life of each part Is, you have to do regular maintenance and repair, Car each part on their own to understand, because if the wrong Car, we drove the road are also very dangerous, which we certainly have to remember, so everyone in the maintenance of some of the larger maintenance time as possible or go to professional place to do repairs if you go outside, then you must find the fly, which we all remember it? These are the small series give you to share content you have anything to add the can down Comments oh.