To the blue sky dream start with less than 200,000 small “BMW Three Lines”, really worth it?

I believe that every person has the center of a blue sky dream, of course, I also do not row, but some time ago I for my blue sky dream start with a small “BMW three lines.” Car sharing presumably you all know it, the words have appeared numerous times in my ear, of course, I do not Care, because I know they envy my BMW.

BMW 1 series

the appearance of the BMW 1 Series Is simply a narrow three-line version, Side view lines of the body very athletic. LED headlights and daytime running lights look very bright and piercing, rear on the lack of the kind of BMW’s unique domineering, but the overall effect Is better. Interior materials are soft slush molding process, the front-end piano paint panels highlight Is the lack of BMW’s unique chicken stalls, I feel thIs Is the biggest flaw of the BMW 1 Series, BMW Is not chicken can call it? The latter a little shabby point, even the rear air conditioning vents are not. The rear seat can not be brought down.

BMW 1 series

had I considered before buying a Car the Audi A3, the mind also done ideological struggle. Finally, after the test drive I no longer confused, began to feel A3 four-cylinder engine idling ride would surely be a three-cylinder engine Is better, I believe you have the idea. You can go test drive to try, in fact, the actual experience of thIs BMW B38 engine Is very good, both four-cylinder engine Is not lost, in what areas.

B38 engine

on the Internet a lot of people are not optimIstic about the power of 118, so before I test drive assembly of thIs power expectations are not high, because of thIs, give me a test drive in the power behind thIs aspect a little surprIse, one foot floor oil down there a little push back. Because of turbo lag, oil suddenly go on the floor there Will be some small delay, like a man deep breath, and then spat out, there Will be a process of inspiration. Many people say that three-cylinder engine shake badly, looks like I did not find thIs phenomenon


in motion are BMW said the focus control, then thIs precursorHow exactly does the BMW manipulation? Manipulation of thIs area still retains the characterIstics of a BMW, very smoothly, which refers to the feeling of what to play. Steering Is very precIse, plus a compact model itself, control in thIs area Is still quite good. BMW may be too focused manipulated at the expense of comfort, the Car’s suspension Is very hard, if too bumpy place, please be sure to pay attention to slow through, or you suspect shock to life.


It Is often said I spent more than 20 million to buy a three-cylinder BMW, Is not stupid, obviously there are a lot of Car can pick. Turnip greens all have love it, feel good on it, do not lIsten to how people say, after all, BMW BMW, spend 200,000 to buy a standard I think it Is worth, how do you see?

BMW 1 series