To repair the car after the market cut into the second-tier cities, “German truck” more than a year out of the 29 outlets

Although harder to sell new Cars used Car, but as long as there Is the Car on the road, maintenance, repair always unavoidable. 4S shop service good product Is good but the price Is high, the individual Auto repair shop Is cheap but the quality and service they can not guarantee that consumers in the choice of vehicle repair and maintenance, facing dilemma.

BMW 3 Series, for example, 4S shop to replace oil and three filters between about 2,500-3,000 yuan, the same service, unknown side of the road may be less than the Auto repair shop $ 1000, but replacement parts are not original brand, and the price Is not as transparent 4S shop. Another headache for consumers might question Is the quality of service Auto repair shop can not be assessed before use, there are shoddy situation may occur.

Clearly, there Is a space between the market chain brand 4S shops and Auto repair shop, the owners are Willing to pay more than the cost of Auto repair shop, 4S shop was able to get close to the products and service. “2020 US Auto subscriber line maintenance report” shows that in 2015 Year – 2019, the US Auto market size of the industry increased from 7.6 to 1.29 trillion yuan.

It also allows Auto market after the service has been in O2O popular track, such as the way the tiger, the Car home to enjoy, Dian Dian keep a Car, etc., from as early as tires, oil, Car and other cuts thIs market, the main first-tier cities.

Recently, the krypton 36 truck come into contact with DS, select the direction to vehicle repair and maintenance cut by “professional technician team regular chain stores + + self service center “model covering the Auto market after the second-tier cities. Since its establIshment in 2019 September, DS truck has 29 directly managed stores in Chengdu, where the four area of ​​over 1,000 square meters of service center, and the rest of about 300 square meters of community stores.

De truck founder Tom Hou (German-Chinese) has over 10 years of venture capital experience, a former German EMH Partners (7 Yi euro exposure Investment Fund) co-founder of investment projects after leading the market more Cars in Germany. He told the krypton 36, the average age of domestic vehicles increased year by year, to 2020 years Is expected to reach 5.9 years, although still lower than the United States of 11.4 years, Europe’s 9.7 years, but Is already a huge enough market.

Is different from the first-tier cities Car O2O cover almost all models, the German truck target customers, mostly Ashkenazi and second-tier cities in Europe and America Department of the owners, which user Is a local Aboriginal portrait, They have more dIsposable income and want more peace of mind services and are Willing to spend more money for the service, but not so “moat.”

Chengdu, for example, data show that in 2020, Chengdu vehicle fleet amounted to more than 5.3 million, accounting for nearly 50% of the entire Sichuan Province, Chengdu population but accounted for only 20%. The store location, the German Car rental Car to avoid the most expensive cities in the core area, which Is a factor in the cost can be lower than the 4S shop, while also reducing the rIsk of customer traffic jams. Active population within 1 km radius of more than 10 million people, Is an important reference site. In addition, high-ceilinged venue, heavy, sewage and there are some hard and fast rules.

compared to community stores, a larger area of ​​the service center, more equipment, more Cars Will Carry the depth of maintenance services. Of course, site selection factors Will be taken into account more.

in Chengdu, all the stores are in Germany truck outside a ring, according to their heat map provided by its 29 directly managed stores already covered most densely populated areas .

by means of micro-channel APP applets and tools such as mobile Internet, German truck also able to provide 24-hour service, for example, the user can repair appointment 22:00 in the afternoon. Wait until after the user to drive home at night, there Will be maintenance staff came to pick up the Car, if that day without an appointment, store personnel Will be leaving on time. According to the German truck feedback, such services by female users.

in the supply chain, the German truck would choose Car companies designated supplier of production materials and accessories, and the price Is about 6 fold 4S shop. In personnel, the German truck recruit experienced technicians, while the technician training, to ensure the quality of products, to minimize the sales price.

Tom Hou said that the current levelBoth single amount of consumption (does not include washing) about 1497 yuan, there are more than 30,000 regIstered users; the average monthly turnover of a single store in Chengdu 35 million, in the community shop opened six months can break even; Company financial position, stable sufficient cash flow, a total of 40 million financing, mainly for store expansion and recruitment, capital investors including source code, Xinyuan capital, DST Global managing partner and so on.

he mentioned in the interview, although the smooth development in Chengdu, close to the city but to expand, the company also encountered some problems, such as Chengdu has a good supply of Auto parts market chain and infrastructure facilities, such as the international Automobile City and so on, which helps recruit and successful business professionals, but in other areas, the supplier itself has not yet establIshed a complete logIstics and dIstribution system, which for German trucks for It Is not a small challenge.

De trucks are currently exploring other markets together with suppliers, such as Kunming. Currently German truck has opened six stores in Kunming.