To open a car repair shop activity on the success of the lock-off people

have a friend next to the community, opened a small Car repair shop, he worried that no customer, then he thought of a way, in a storefront decoration of the time, do a inkjet, the content Is collecting the shop its name has Award hiring activity in cash awards 8000, can not be recruited to participate in the activities as long as 2000 to send vouchers. During the renovation, there are thousands of people participate in thIs event, sweeping the two-dimensional micro-letter code plus the boss, and the boss, all the people attending the event, built a group, so when the store opened. Ads in the group inside, because too many number of participants, made an appointment a day before the 50 customers, each with maintenance are limited to 100 vouchers, on thIs one event, the boss easily lock off 5,000 people to the store consumption the time span for more than a year. ThIs book Car aftermarket business circles, you understand?