To make money you have to engage in “car accident”? Used car Insider Secret


a group of Reporters to expose the shady used Car market

dIsguIsed as an apprentice and joined the line to buy a Car customers

came to Shenyang, a second-hand Car dealers ???

they saw and heard in the course of unannounced vIsits to the

just to make people sCared fall bar ….

used Car industry in dire straits

far more than you imagine that simple

If you want to buy a used Car

many ordinary people are aware

entered into the used Car transaction contract

Is one of the best ways to circumvent their own “pit to be” the

and then you think you can legal protection

took you by the hand Car traders Mozhe? !

contract more than the second-hand Car pit

– “Car accident.”

we all know that the Car accident was “terrible” in!

However, the used Car White would say,

“in broad daylight, where so many Car accidents? “

Of course, before

and South Africa Automotive Education network

had too much about science identification of Car accidents

See paints are non-uniform, asymmetric beltline

There are no sealing wax look bolt dIsplacement

There Is no touch Adhesive sealing tape marks

look at each date on the glass, and vehicle production date Is not consIstent

known as the “eyes” that Is not as through

However ····


and South Africa Automotive Education network would like to tell you

the advancement of technology

all the skills, including accident Car repair skills are in sync upgrade

how can we identify assessment skills behind? ! Flood extent

and deep repertoire of the black heart of the second-hand Car traders in the

accident Car in the used Car market in the

far more than you imagine ???

go back to what you just said a few correspondents unannounced vIsits to a friend used Car market


they pretend to second-hand Car market in the small meat

sets out no well known secret:

“to the rich, big accident.”

“to make money quickly was unwinding ordered the Car accident. “

have a sales poured out that he was proud of the” performance “

there Is a Taiwan Car accident

are crashing the hub

In addition to large engine and gearbox all killed

He sold out!

In order to find out their magical Car dealers “Cheats”

Reporter dIsguIsed as Buyer

came to the dealership to buy a Car in the

selling out to sell hIs Honda front range

and categorically say that

to ensure “ no accidents, no flooding, no fire.”

However, Reporters secretly by a third-party app to check

thIs Is a downright “big Car accident.”

then he pretended not to know

According to information maintenance records began to prick


thIs Car spray paint over it

potholed traces on both sides

results did not expect

sales Is a play fine

keeps complimenting correspondent Is knowledgeable

If the bumpy side Is restored

symmetrical on both sides so further [1 23] ThIs Is certainly produced in painting when he did not handle

posing as the younger generation of Reporters

has also been selling predecessors pointing

the first prerequIsite to sell the Car accident

before the customer did not look at Cars

no matter what kind of condition

always say Is “fine Car, a little hurt at all.”

and other customers to see the Car

did not see a problem, please do not say a word

to see the original problem Shuaiguo

for example sprayed paint color has a

said, “the original paint aging” to stall the

In order to look good condition to change the mileage Is also well-known secret

30 bucks just change

“more than a dozen miles away changed to seven million Is not easy to be skeptical. “

I join so many years

a close a change vehicles

you first came bunch of new people

so-so do not forget the

to receive a true It Is impossible to lie rotten rags Car accident how to do

Fudge, then surgery Is not lIstening to hIs own letter

Is very simple, just like a customer insIst

thIs Car Is fine Car

must not try so can only see love it or leave

a sales also shared their own experiences

He received a problematic BMW Car slightly opened

engine failure light

shall certainly light

but he wanted a once and for all “approach”

directly to the line lamp failure cut

Is not on the lIst

I look at you and then a light? ?

In order to improve the success rate of selling Cars crazy

Car stall condition hide

even told customers that Will sign the formal contract

to protect the legitimate interests of its clients

found the problem immediately refund

and even a compensable back three

However, the truth Is want to return the Car? No way!

a paid three to just talking about empty promIses on the so-called “formal contract”

with regard to retirement vehicles, claims the terms of

all are non-exIstent

not only can not back Car

you have not even find a method to dealers say

because of all the contracts

Is your personal sales and signed

the owner came to the door How to do?

Do not panic, go home and hide a few days to revive hIs avoidance chanting

In case the owner has been squatting in the company do?

all right, Sipilailian ignore on the line

Even if the owners the police, the prosecution they are not afraid

that two people belonging to civil dIsputes

Will not affect the company’s operations

Is not that self assertive ?

sinIster gang of Car emboldened traders where they come from?

In fact, they just bet you can not afford to consume

because you want to litigate

moment half Will simply pull clear

first of all they have to have evidence to prosecute it

so you have to go to detect the Car

testing fee dig a good few thousand

then a lawyer, to appear in court

and have to spend spend time to spend energy

there Is always someone not too troublesome under thIs determination

only silently swallow


really met stubble in the court met

shifted the blame to the gang of Car owners who would peddle Lai

say you sell the Car in question

that thing Is bad yourself openI find it a scapegoat?

unless you have a way to prove

mention your Car the moment it Is bad · · · · · ·

If the dealers really planted

to be compensation for the court back Car

them do not Care

anyway, the big Car accident profits so high

just being taken advantage of slaughter and then find the sum of

every minute to earn back

the reason for the accident Car dealers sinIster deeds

Is relying on low income big Car accident

then the normal price to sell


most violent difference

As a general market

to sell a big Car accident money

Is approximately equal to sell 2.5 ordinary second-hand Car

under the temptation of huge profits

to the section of the operation Will all not what it Is

chassIs off re-weld, body broken easily stick

· ?????

[12 3] When the Reporter posing as an apprentice

represents Car accident sell their own conscience make life difficult for a little while

predecessors very dIsdain expressed these Cars are not selling your home and relatives

you control him so much of it

these you Will sooner or later take for granted

in addition to their relatives

nodding, relations not close “acquaintance”

but Is the best source

because a lot of people do not know they do not understand a used Car

so I did not dare to buy

but with Che Fanzi say a few words about fraternizing

but it Will out of the trust at your fingertips

After reading these Is not that shocking, back hair Is cool?

but the most horrible

every day, deceptive used Car dealers also have their own time of rollover


so the domestic used-Car market

Car accident who

Is much deeper than you think

when buying a Car can not be taken lightly


technology diary update

accident Car refurbIshment techniques you identified in the development of the

assessment techniques do not fall behind ah!

Whether your used Car apprentice?

or used Car traders have a conscience?

long learning!

Welcome to

and South Africa Automotive Education Network

master class practical used Car appraIsal skills