To determine the identity! Mercedes-Benz Lianzhuang many cars caused three deaths and 10 injuries UPDATES: Sudden syncope caused by the driver said the car out of control!

on July 17 at noon, Changzhou, Jiangsu Jinling Road, occurred near the intersection of labor Road traffic accident, a black Mercedes Car into the bicycle lane and hit a few electric Cars, resulting in 13 people were injured, three of whom died.

After the accident, Reporters rushed to the scene of the accident, witnesses said:. “I could not have been staring, ate lunch now” think time situation still trembles short period of lying in dIsorder on the road a lot of electric Cars and several injured, live mIserable. Treated in hospital wounded memories Cry scene:!. “Knocked descendants to fly out, then fell to the ground, and rolled forward for a while” (tragic scene, Mercedes-Benz even hit more Cars caused three deaths and 10 injuries perpetrators occupational actually ……)

on the scene

witnesses lingering fear:

a terrible thing, I could not have been watching

“sCared me!” in the section of the incident Jin MIss Li Ling roadside waiter in a restaurant work witnessed the whole incident, she told Reporters lingering fear, when the accident happened, they were busy preparing for business at noon in the store and suddenly heard “bang”, she immediately ran out to see, I saw a Mercedes Benz Car has been rushed to the front of the intersection, non-motor vehicle lane in dIsorder lay a lot of electric Cars, there Is some light at the door that a good few more, than the injured lying on the ground, some of them have a at every turn.

“the Car was very fast, I hit the store entrance road Is a black electric Car, the entire wheel has been bent, a woman lying in front of a trees below, mobile phones scattered to the side. there Is a man in the license plate upside down over there. not far away, a land of debrIs scattered in the next three or four shoes in a little further afield, two electric Cars by a very serious impact, one of the ladies seemed to have died on the spot, the next body full of blood, people were knocked to the fold. there Is also a man down next to electric Cars, he has died, sitting beside a child At that time has stopped and knocked Mercedes Car at the end it was, also pressing the front man, Is really appalling. “

During the interview, witnesses said a man and a woman in the Car accident was controlled and taken away by police, in which man’s feet wearing a pair of slippers.

driver and the woman was sitting in the passenger’s police control

minor injuries about Cry scene:

at that time I fly out

“I have heard a Car engine roar, looked back and found a Car even with the non-motor vehicle lane, I rushed over towards the side. “Injured Wangzhen Jie recalled noon Cry scene, still fearful.

” I am on the right Is a hard metal fence, fixed on the ground, the left Is moving plastic fence, simply there Is no place to hide, even though I’ve rode with the fastest speed, but still suffered a Car crash. “Wangzhen Jie was in the plastic side of the fence, knocked descendants to fly out, then fell to the ground, and rolled forward for a while.” Recovered, he found himself all major abrasions, they quickly found the phone first hit 120 call for help, and then contacted my colleagues. “Because the unit a short dIstance from the accident scene, colleagues soon came to hIs rescue scene Reporter saw Wangzhen Jie injury focused on the left hand and left leg, the hospital has been dIsinfected the wound.” Hurt leg up package, apply some iodine, waiting for the wound dries. “The doctor says after checking its leg wound.

lying on the bed treated Wangzhen Jie

three hospitals open a green channel

to treat the wounded

Reporters learned from Changzhou City-Planning CommIssion, after the accident, injury who was sent immediately Changzhou first people’s hospital, second people’s hospital and 904 hospital. after receiving the wounded, three hospital the first time to open a green channel, to treat the injured Is reported, of which there are three injuries heavy, full treatment by the hospital, the current injury Is still stable. second people’s hospital of Changzhou City in which there are five injured are being treated, five people currently being noLife-threatening.

Li Ce husband introduced specific circumstances five injured two homes admitted to Reporters

informed the police accident preliminary The reason

July 17 at 22 points, Changzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau traffic police detachment to the accident released NC2: individual accident driver line-up painting Car mechanic, Upon examination ruled out drunk driving, drug driving.

Video capture

after a preliminary investigation by public security organs, according to Xu X, king certain confessions, just thIs morning, the couple put up a good paint the owners of Mercedes-Benz passenger Cars return, the way Xu X syncope, bloody vomit foam vehicle out of control.

Now the accident Is under investigation.


driver Is not the owner, the owner need to take responsibility ?

Reporters noted that there are many people for the owners pinched the sweat, worry about the high price to pay for the compensation payments. Things true? The legal profession, said, according to the Changzhou Intermediate People’s Court [No. 2010104] “matters of opinion about the case of road traffic accidents damages” paragraph 15 “the first vehicle for repair or delivery of the deposit during the repairs or use the custodian motor vehicle accident occurred, repair or custodian shall be liable for compensation, but the vehicle owner at fault, should bear the corresponding liability for damages. “Is not required to assume liability on owners of principle, unless the owner there Is no fault.

owner of the vehicle at fault for the occurrence of the damage bear the corresponding liability.

owners fault situation Is as follows:

1, also known faulty Car of the Car loan.

It Is noted that, whereRefers to vehicle breakdowns by vehicle braking systems, power systems, tires, etc., already it may affect the normal operation of the vehicle.

2, people know the drug by Car, drunk Will borrow the vehicle. But if people are by Car to borrow the Car, and then a drunken, drug abuse such behavior, the owner Is not required to assume joint and several liability.

3, not lending the vehicle to a driver’s license, license Is suspended, or does not meet the type of Car license person.

Source: Yangtze Evening News ยท Purple Cow (yzwb20102806, Reporter Ma Ben Guo Jingyu, reprint authorized), Yangzi Evening News (yzwb20102806), @ Changzhou police line

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