To change a car tire How long? Maintenance of the master: Do not lIsten to flicker 4S shop, spend less money wasted!

Car tires like a Car’s “four-legged” the same. If the tire Is not only bad for the performance of the Car a great impact, but also on their personal safety Is also a great impact on, do not know the Car owners find that every day you go to buy a Car 4S shop, 4S shop Will tell you, tires are changed every three years, there Is a comment for tire users Will be more can be said in animated conversation. To change a Car tire How long? Maintenance of the master: Do not lIsten to flicker 4S shop, spend less money wasted!

as poor tire conditions, can cause the Car can not brake in time or cause a lateral slide, a sudden drop in tire pressure or tire strong enough, Will cause traffic accident. If the tire at high speeds once the flat tire, the vehicle Will suddenly lose balance or out of control, causing the accident. In addition, long-term placement with the spare tire, it may not be used, that Is to the timely replacement oh.

In fact, the tires have good or bad, there are many types, different tires, the wear rate naturally Is not the same. Replace the tire Is not to say that 3 years to replace, did not need long to replace, thIs Is a specific case Yaoan tires of view. The state Is the lowest tire wear Is 1.6MM, if more than the state regulations, need to be replaced.

In general, the useful life of the tire Is preferably calculated according to the usual driving time. Different bus pass away, Car tire wear Is different, if the Car has been traveling the bumpy journey, then, damage Car tires and certainly the more serious. Also, the tire Is abnormal appearance, such as drum kits, repair times, cracking these cases, are not continue to be used again, it Will be more prone to explosion.

If badly worn, even if the use of only one year, also need to be replaced. In the tire wear Is not obvious, serving more than five years of tire must be replaced, otherwIse deep-fried fetal rIsk prone. Car tire Is arguably one of the most important components, also contributed to one of the potential perpetrators of traffic accidents, so we must be timely inspection and maintenance of the tires to prevent unnecessary trouble in normal traffic on the way.