To change a car tire a few years? Maintenance of the master: Do not lIsten to flicker 4S shop, for early white money wasted

Car tire to be changed every few years? Maintenance of the master: Do not lIsten to flicker 4S shop, for early white money wasted

a Car, the body Is the body, then the tire Is legs, legs broken, then the Car could not walk, the tire Is Very important. We drove every day, usually for maintenance of the tires also have to pay attention to it. About how long the Car tire, replace the question under what circumstances has not a specific answer. Auto 4S shop Is given three years to replace one, which in the end right? Following small to talk about thIs topic.

about how long the replacement of tires, everyone’s different opinions, but also has its own basIs, can not be said to be wrong. In fact, the tires have good or bad, there are many types, different tires, the wear rate naturally Is not the same. Replace the tire Is not to say that 3 years to replace, did not need long to replace, thIs Is a specific case Yaoan tires of view. Repairman say a lot of people have been fooled to 4S shop, obviously tire also good, less than three years on for too wasted money, wasted money wasted.

If properly used, normal tire mileage of around 5-10 thousand kilometers. But like food shelf life, the tire also has validity. The tire Is valid for five years after leaving the factory. Because the rubber aging, so whether you are driving with no more than 100,000 kilometers or Car tires felt pretty good, for their own traffic safety, to five years must be replaced once the tires.

Car tire life and many factors are related, if usually in place for maintenance of Car tires, Cars driving long-term good road conditions, tire wear Will not let intensifies, it can be 5 years for a tire on it. Do not wait until the tire tread polIshed to go back when changing a tire, around the turn of the Car before driving more attention to daily check their tires regularly look at the situation. In accordance with the terms of the tire has tread depth 1.6 mm mark the place, when the tire tread depth Is 1.6 mm grind to have to change the tires.

but also a situation that Is damaged tires, Car tires were slashed daily IsVery often, the emergence of drum kits, are tied to sharp objects, such as corrosion under the circumstances Is to go to the repair shop to check the master, replace the tire. OtherwIse, leave these security rIsks that Will be a big problem. Then the general can damage the tire repair, it does not affect use. Fortunately, twice, three times more than to be replaced, because the Car traveling at high speed when the temperature inside the tire rIses, excessive tire damage, then Will increase the probability of an accident.

there we a lot about their Car’s tire maintenance, always check the tire pressure, to adjust tire pressure, can effectively improve the life of the tire, generally what no big problem. Preventive measures, we have prepared a better Car spare tire, if you really taking a trip or drive to remote sections of the tire can not make, and thIs time you can think of ways to change down to it, it can avoid a lot of trouble.