To buy a car driver attention! 3 colors recognized as the most difficult to fill the paint!

Many young people when buying a Car, not only value the performance, appearance requirements are also increasing, so now the Car Is really colorful, some Cars are driven on some nice color to attract consumers. Rainbow “like traffic, day or night, thIs Is a special scenic road Is the best looking in the night, the evening of each Car have turned on the light and with the light the way, may reflect each Car has its own uniqueness but if the way Is not good, even if the Car looks good, but also just the general impression or ugly. so the Car Is not going to choose according to their own favorite color of it, the repairman tell you , the most difficult to fill these three colors

Is a black and white most people choose to buy a Car all colors, black and white Car Is also common cause on the road, but some people do not buy white Car, because the white in the sun Will be reflective, thus affecting the others, but most people love over white, dirty white Car Will not be so obvious, touch-up painting Is not so high, if it Is a white metal not necessarily, the white metal Is blended product, to mix up your plan to the color of the Car Is very difficult, not to mention a white Car, if there Is a place to mend the color and the color does not pass, thIs Is one can see Just like you write with a pencil on a white paper, there Will be no matter how you rub marks.

mica paint price Is relatively expensive, first of all Car colors aesthetics of natural Needless to say, dazzling at the same time has a very recognizable. Although thIs painting Is very nice, but you want to spray thIs color Is takes a lot of processes, the whole operation Is very complicated. so prices Will rIse, in general, thIs Is a luxury Car mica paint special. but thIs painting Is pretty nice, but once cut rub appear, they would be very troublesome, thIs painting even many qualifications deeper up painting old master can not say perfectly able to revert to the original color.

Another red color Is the soul of the movement. thIs very rosy red, young people, especially girls, Will like thIs color, can seem very personal. but thIs Is also the color of the paint Is difficult to fill because of thIs paint with a red translucent layer instead of the original primer intermediate coating, suchTechnically demanding, the general repair shop Will not have thIs technology, so if you want to make the color of paint, it Will be very troublesome! Because of thIs painting in general maintenance of plant root out the deployment, we can only turn the plant maintenance. So the cost of thIs paint once it Is cut rub, to bear Is quite large.