Tires yet there are so many tricky tire shop owner certainly Will not tell you

Car tires, Is member, and Automotive suspension Cars together only contact with the ground to alleviate the impact of Cars are subjected. Seemingly thick black boss, but after prolonged use and wear, Is a key component most prone to problems.

the tire according to the structural classification can be divided into radial tires, bias tires rib pattern classification can be divided, the lug of the tire, the tire tread mixed, off-road tire tread

classified according to the type of tire vehicles classification can be broadly classified into eight. Namely: PC– passenger Car tires; LT– light truck tires; TB– truck and bus tires; AG– agricultural vehicle tires; OTR– vehicle tires; ID– industrial vehicles tires; AC– aircraft tires; MC– motorcycle tires.

tire rubber Is composed of long period of time Will be aging, so we choose to change a tire recent production of new tires. Tire numbers and letters are represented with a lot of parameters, and small series with a look at what it represents the various parameters.

First: check the internal structure of the tire

Second: the production date from a digital watch. On behalf of

“DOT xxxx xxxx” tires by the US Federal Department of Transportation certification, behind the eight letters and numeric code Is information of producers.

“3513” that Is, “production date”, after a two year, Is the first two weeks, that means 3513, “2013 35th week of production.”

Third : standard tire size parameter

205/60 R 16 91V

“205” denotes the width between the “section width (mm)”, i.e., two sidewalls .

“60” indicates “flatness ratio”, the smaller the number, the more flat tires.

“R” represents a “radial configuration” (inventors radial tires, 1948, Michelin Tire Company first trial production of the world all-steel radial tire of the invention Is a radial tire in the tire industry a revolution, has become a new direction of development of Automobile tires!).

“16” means “the diameter of the hub (In inches) “, with thIs tire have matching 16-inch wheels (hub called rim).

” 91 “indicates” tire load index “, the tire load of 615kg.

“V” denotes “the maximum speed of the tire receiving level”, V stage tire maximum possible speed of 240 km / h.

choose their own love Car tires, no case of professionals, it Is best not to casually switch to a different size tires.

use of the tire Is a skill, which can extend tire life.

(1) Car started not excessive, whether empty, low speed smooth start heavy vehicles should avoid dragging the tire with the ground, in order to reduce the wear of the tread.

(2) in good road travel, should be kept straight forward, and in addition the vehicle may avoid an obstacle, and prohibit the yaw abrupt steering, to prevent damage to the tire transverse cut between the tire and the rim. long slope at

(3) of the vehicle should be based on the size of the slope, length and road conditions, proper control of the vehicle speed. in the slope length, road , The complex traffic situations, should be in gear with, and using the vehicle speed slightly downhill brake control, so that not only avoid the emergency braking, reducing tire wear, but also to secure safe driving.

(4) when the vehicle uphill, use should be coasting, timely shift, a shift in time, the vehicle uphill appropriate to maintain spare capacity, and the like do not stop the Car and then re-started, in order to reduce tire wear.

(5) should be controlled in accordance with the turning driving curve vehicle speed Is not high-speed cornering, the vehicle or a greater centrifugal force, the goods-vehicle inclination, shift the centroid side, tire overload sided boxes, accelerated wear, while also making the tire transversely cutting wheel copper, causing damage.

Note tire!

1, note that the tire pressure.

Vital tire air pressure Is too high and too low Will shorten its life. pressure Is too low, deformation of the Carcass Is increased, prone to cracks sidewall, while producing flexion motion, resulting in excessive heat, causes aging of the rubber, the ply fatigue, broken cords. also causes wheel The ground contact area Is increased to accelerate the shoulder wear.

pressure Is too high, the tire cord Will be stretched excessively deformed Carcass decreased elasticity, the load received by the Car traveling increases, the impact Will be generated in the case of crack and burst, while the pressure Is too high Will accelerated wear of the crown, and rolling resIstance performance.

2, periodically check the positioning wheel.

positioned a greater impact on the front wheel tire life, and especially in front wheel toe-in and wheel tilt as the main factor.

3, pay attention to your driving style.

select road driving, to avoid sharp stones, glass, metal and other objects may scratch and puncture of the tire, to avoid chemical substances Spills tire adhesion, corrosion.

4, driving speed limiting

while the vehicle Is traveling fast, the tire per unit time and the more the number of contact with the ground, the more frequent friction, so that the frequency of the deformation of the tire increases.

5, according to road conditions and driving

the type and condition of the road a great impact on the life of the tire, the driver should choose the road according to the road conditions, to acquire the appropriate driving speed, to increase tire the mileage has a positive effect.

6, master tire temperature

hot weather outside temperature Is high, the tires accumulated heat dIssipation Is difficult, due to the fast driving speed, long dIstance, poor road conditions and other reasons, tire temperature sharply rIses, the air pressure inside the tire also increases, thus accelerating the aging of rubber, cord and rubber adhesion decrease, resulting ply void or blasting damage, it should be noted that the control traffic hot weather use temperature of the tire.