Tires have to change how long? Mechanic reported a number: Your vehicles can not exceed thIs time

There are thousands of Car parts, anywhere faulty great influence on the Car Is, like on the tires, no tires on the Car can not travel, after all, the Car Is capable of running the tire, no Car tire loses its value, but also Carries the weight of the Car tires, once the tire problems that may cause an explosion, so usually we have to pay attention to the cause of the problem tire maintenance, tire a lot, mainly because of wear or pattern are flat, usually occurs drum kit and leakage and so on, so the new Car tire needs to be replaced with a long view of thIs, today we Will go down to popularize thIs knowledge.

Main production materials, rubber tires, the use of a certain age, a long time Will be aging, various problems occur, usually when the Car tire and the ground has a lot of friction, and steering when a particularly serious problem, once it Is easy to tire badly worn, so we always pay attention to tire maintenance, and if the problem promptly replaced, tire length and Cars traveling dIstance has a great relationship, like on Car 8 hours a day for several days and once a Car, tire wear Is different, so there Is no specific time to replace the general Car a few hours a day, its life expectancy Is three five years, to replace some waste too quickly.

for the average family Car, the tires have no problem using the seven or eight years, but thIs Is also a time limit, though still able to use, but has tread a smooth, friction Is very small, slipping accident prone, so to a certain number of years, no matter what brand of tires need to be replaced, because the tread Is too thin, a hard sharps may cause tire explosion, so to always check the tires under even the best brand enough life also needs to be replaced.

In addition some of the more frequent Car owners Will not be able to calculate the number of years in order to, according to the mileage should be considered, some people drive more, a year Is a good tens of thousands of kilometers, thIs time may need to replace the tires for two years, in short, Is to pay more attention, take a look at the tread, if the pattern Is bald Will be replaced, and we have to always check the tire pressure down, after all, the tire pressure Is too low also increase wear and tear, but also not too high, too high a volumeEasy to puncture, protect tire pressure at a reasonable value, often to be checked.

new vehicles are equipped with tire pressure Is now adding to survey the specific values ​​Will be dIsplayed by the dashboard, and after the tire problems Will Automatically prompt us, but Some older Cars do not have thIs feature, so we’re going to buy a single detector, the general also more than ten dollars, if you want real-time monitoring, tire pressure monitoring can buy some hats.