Tires fraud could stay like thIs, the black heart of the manufacturing process manufacturers chilling

second-hand Car market Is very active in recent years, the Internet age a variety of mobile phone APP platform began to build their own second-hand Car market, interest-free loans, price concessions, and so many reasons people choose to become a used Car, but the anti-people can not do without. In thIs windfall of used-Car market, there are many who for the sake of cheap second-hand Car tire renovation.

When the vehicle Is traveling at highway, ensure the proper functioning of the various components Is very important, it Is about the passengers and the safety of hIs family, then the interests of the staggered market in those unscrupulous businessmen really vivre map, the tire washing, waxing, coloring used again, which Is a security rIsk Is very sCary.

For the money, the merchant number unconscionable waste tires two secondary recycling, through a number of technical means to its renovation. Generally speaking tires are scrapped after the break to recover from the formal channels to manufacturers, tire retreading tire retreading must meet state standards. Retreading mainly refers to the replacement of the tread rubber and sidewall rubber, depending on the extent of damage of the tire Is divided into Dingfan, three kinds of shoulder turn, and turn the whole renovation process. Processed into qualifying tire through a series of process-oriented market.

However, after being locked in a small workshop, We in the choice of tire you need to pay attention.

unscrupulous tire manufacturers how fraud?

a small workshop in order to control their tire retreading costs, they Will use the knife and grinding machines and other special tools, directly to the tire tread deepened. Such tire tread has its own proprietary term called “Carved tire.”

such a way to make the production of tires and a new look almost identical, but it puts itself greatly tire wear, when to use such a vehicle tire, so that explosion greatly increased rIsk of fetal. Even very favorable, so the Car if they dare you use?

How to identify refurbIshedtire?

1. The color and luster judgment

In order for retreaded tires look more shiny, they Will be sprayed on the surface black brightener, and formal compared it Will be much brighter.

2. See production date

If the comparIson difficult to judge, may be to see by looking at the way the production date, if the date Is posted up, easy to tear by hand would likely be retreaded tires.

3. See Society sipe

by looking to see pattern of a tire Is uniform, the drainage grooves and patterns whether there are a knife across the scene.

4. Wear indicator

to see the depth of tire wear indicators to compare, but if it Is refurbIshed most of the tires Will wear indicator removed, it can be analyzed as a reference.

retreaded tire wear and poor performance in terms of grip and so on, braking performance Will be reduced for safety reasons we still go to a regular place and more buy tires.