Tires are consumables, so how long can a tire of it?

Cars have gradually entered our lives, people’s normal life too much pressure, usually choose to rest days or holidays to travel, although U.S.’s transport development in the international community has gradually into the forefront, but still has a lot of inconvenience, so many people Will choose to buy a Car of their own, so let the development of the Automotive industry growing. Today, small series continues with a look at everyone, in terms of knowledge about Cars. Tires are consumables, wear a long-term contact with the ground Will be more serious than some of the others. So, you can run a tire in the end how long?

In general, a tire service life of 5 years, but depending on the quality of the tire, road conditions and the use frequency Will differ, in terms of normal run fifty thousand kilometers no problem. So to judge whether a tire needs to be replaced, according to the degree of wear or to come. Although there Is no single standard, but we can look at a few points to roughly determine: tire surface observation there Is no obvious scratches, wear and tear, bulge, deformation, cracks, or whether there are pinned, etc., if found to have clear on tires vIsible cracks or incIsions, recommended replacement, because they are likely to cause cracks and even leak puncture.

always check the wear and the degree of aging, but it shows the tires for replacement when the Car tire wear to the emergence of a worn flag, when thIs standard tires in the production of It has been designed. ThIs flag can be used as reference values, the statutory standard surface of the tire tread wear our nation’s time of less than 1.6mm, it should be replaced. Therefore, we should pay attention to, about every 60,000 km or five years, we need to change a tire, and wear more serious if it would have to change in advance. Tire life Is limited, even if you do not lay three to five years, tire rubber Will naturally aging, which means that each tire has a shelf life, so we are Careful not to buy more than three years at the time of changing a tire. Although he said the shelf life of the wear problem Is not serious, but the aging of the tire Is very dangerous.

If there Is jitter, tire noIse Is abnormal moving process, it would need in a timely manner to check 4S correction, the general solution Is to wheel alignment withDo balancing. After a Car tire on our high-speed equivalent to another life, so the tire Is a little better was safe. Car really to our lives has brought great convenience, I do not know how you see thIs article for today’s small series it? If you have any suggestions, you can leave comments below, small series Will draw everyone’s valuable advice, give us more articles about Cars, let us work together and progress together. Articles like thIs little partner can give little attention Xiao Bian little encouragement.