Tires 123: knowledge of tire you have to know (a)

We also remember what the first step in driving test subjects participated in three Is not it?

may be very small partners have forgotten it? Circle around the Car, check for foreign objects, and check the tire for leaks and other anomalies!

For the uninitiated, what Is called the tire abnormality, abnormal situation should be how to deal with it?

Today, I am concerned about passenger tires, that Is our common home Car tires recurring problems and solutions!

1. shoulder wear

shoulder wear

side of the tire Is worn fast, but the other side Is normal? The reason

for thIs situation generally have so few:

wheel alignment l of correcting bad Car, said bluntly both sides of the tires are not parallel, leading to traffic when the tire side of the ground much less due to the side of the ground; there may be a suspension problem, thIs situation requires the driver to open the vehicle to a friend garage corrected it.

l another one Is when the tire Is mounted, there Is no dynamic balance test, tire wear their own reasons lead to the emergence of unilateral, wheel alignment if there Is no problem, as soon as possible on a single side tire wear to be replaced to avoid security problems.

2. Wear intermediate

Wear intermediate

L for thIs situation, the first a pneumatic pressure Is too high, resulting in an intermediate of the tire contact with the ground for a long time, severe wear

l of the rim and the tire do not match, the upgrade of the tires has not replaced the corresponding rim, small wearing big shoes .

3. Wear shoulders

shoulder wear

corresponding to the LRoom wear, thIs Is generally insufficient pressure results in

L there Is always turning too fast, resulting in more severe tire wear on both sides

l there Is probably not match the rims and tires, Bigfoot make trouble.

4. The tire side protrusion

sidewall protrusion

ThIs occurs L for many reasons: first check whether there Is a tire factory before installing thIs problem, do not replace the tires turning a blind eye, the installer Is not responsible for causing such a quality tire installation, causing safety problems

l if the reasons for producing the negative, the tire by a side impact; Is rolling tire tread, tire damage can cause mouth thIs problem; tire side Is a root of the cords, if the crown and a mouth portion by the impact or damage, Will muster large package of the sidewall.

today to say that several common situations, Automobile tires are the only parts in contact with the ground, focusing on tire, responsible for their own lives.

here Is knowledge 123 tires a day, and you talk about things about tires, welcome attention