Tire Installation

Tire service description

A tire is your vehicle’s link to the ground. The tires are an important part of the suspension system of your vehicle. They are responsible for the transmission of propulsion, steering, and braking forces to the road surface. Although the tires are easy to maintain, they are often overlooked. The air in the tires and the tire design affect the performance of the vehicle, the life of the profile, and ride comfort.

Tire maintenance is critical to maximizing mileage and tread wear for making the most of your tires. Our staff will help you understand the basic concepts of tire care and maintenance, such as when to look for tire rotation, balance and alignment. Our staff will also help you understand the brand of tire sidewalls, teach you the best time to buy new tires, and show you how to choose the right tire set for your vehicle.

Tire Services Benefits

The premature wear of the tires is due to low tire inflation levels and inadequate rotation. While properly inflated tires tend to have durable side walls, inflated tires often have flexible side walls that result in faster wear of the side wall. Overinflated tires are also undesirable and will cause excessive wear of the central tread. The balance of the wheels has the potential to relieve some symptoms of improper tire wear, such as excessive tilt. Improper tire wear, however, can also cause alignment problems. At each tire repair service, our employees can determine if a tire scale or a rotation service can solve your current problems.

Because tire inflation is very important, our employees will follow the manufacturer’s recommended inflation standards when installing new tires. In general, proper tire inflation results in reduced tread movement, increased water consumption, reduced rolling resistance, sufficient traction and sufficient load carrying capacity. Our tire repair work improves fuel economy and extends tread life.