Tire life in the end how long? Do not lIsten to full-4S shop, 20-year auto mechanics tell you the truth

life tire in the end how long? Do not lIsten to full-4S shop, 20-year Auto mechanics tell you the truth.

just mentioning the Car above the most important thing, what Is it? Some would say that Is the engine, but tires on the Car Is also very important, because a Car’s tires like a Car’s legs, if the engine Is not only the legs, then it certainly Will not be driving the Car, if a Car no tires on the Car does not explain the “soul”, and from a performance Car tires for the Car also has a very big impact, especially for the Car’s safety has a great relationship, that Car tires run many years? Car tires can be used many years? Repair 20-year Car mechanic: 4S shop novices often go to flicker!

Many people think a Car tire run some kilometers need to be replaced, in fact, thIs Is not right, because the tires did not say how many kilometers of the run, tire life Is to look at how to run the roads, which makes the situation that we are also different tire wear. At thIs point we need only look above the tire tread can see or need to change a tire. Since each tire has a triangle, in accordance with the rules of our country, as long as the triangle Is less than 1.6 mm wear, then it should enchant new tires.

Generally speaking driver of the vehicle Will enchant tire in twenty thousand kilometers or thirty thousand kilometers, but compare what people love their Cars to open ten thousand kilometers enchant the new tires, the Car usually come home with tire wear Will not be too serious. In use seven to eight years can enchant new tires. If you often travel in urban roads, open for 10 years Is not a problem. Because the tires used in the process Will gradually aging, as long as they were not often overloaded speeding, it can be very effective in avoiding the various non-tire wear.

and each of the countries do not have an accurate description of how long the tires can be used, so every tire brand statement Is also not the same. Both Mercedes-Benz and NIssan brand vehicles Will tell people to buy them once every six years to change tires on it, and those who are relatively well-known tire brand, said tire can be used for 10 years, and they tell the owner, tires every day to check, so as toAvoid unnecessary danger.

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