Three factors affect the car’s air conditioning and refrigeration, and Is closely related to the engine, you know how much?

Three factors

affect the Car’s air conditioning and refrigeration, and Is closely related to the engine, you know how much?

The importance of self-evident Automotive air conditioning, cool in summer and warm in winter provide a good environment for our drivers. But Car owners you have not found different models, different weather Automotive air conditioning cooling effect Is also very different. Xiao Bian recently a female female colleague told me that the poor air conditioning cooling effect of her Car, the vehicle after a day after exposure, turn on the air 20 minutes, the temperature inside the Car Is still high. I checked, that it Is not air conditioning problems, but parking spaces colleagues open the wrong mode, leading to greatly reduced air conditioning cooling effect, we can guess the female owner in the end what open mode, the answer we announced later in the article. I want to talk to a few main factors affecting the Automotive air conditioning and refrigeration, and the engine Is closely related to today Oh, you know how much it?

Cooling larger dIsplacement engine the better

Although the Automotive air conditioning and household air there are very different, but the greater the power, the better the cooling effect of thIs Is still the same. Prime MinIster Automotive air conditioning operating principle Is to rely on air conditioning compressor driven by the engine, so as to achieve the effect of cooling air. But the engine Is the power core of the Car, so much power can be assigned to the air conditioner, if equipped with a high-powered air conditioning on a smaller Cars, Car air conditioning Will lead to poor fuel economy or large negative phenomena. General small-dIsplacement engine equipped Cars can only use low-power air conditioning, and engine dIsplacement models to use high-power air conditioning, to say the larger the engine dIsplacement air conditioning and refrigeration, the better Is the reason.

HUMIDITY cooling effect

you believe the owners have had thIs experience, especially in the south, the summer weather Is good, even if the 38-degree heat, as long as the open air and the inner loop, the temperature inside the Car soon It Will come down. But encounter a rainy day, in particular, the typhoon Is about to go to when the weather Is very hot and it rains, thIs time even fightOpen air, we still feel a kind of muffled feeling, Is not cool. The reason Is that the humidity of thIs great weather, air conditioning are busy dehumidifiers thus affecting the cooling effect. So if in thIs weather dIscovery Automotive air conditioning refrigeration effect Is reduced, then to a large extent it Is caused because the air humidity, so no need to check or repair. After thIs wet weather and other Automobile air conditioner Will return to normal.

Effect of improper operation of Automobile air conditioning refrigeration effect

There are two Car air conditioner panel loop control button, I believe that many owners do not know that the two buttons are used to doing, and even never used. These two buttons are outside a loop, within a loop, the vehicle interior Is to control the air flow pattern. First, the outer loop of the role Is to make the air outside the Car into the Car, to achieve the effect of ventilation. The main role of the circulating air into the vehicle exterior Is prohibited, the original Car interior air filtration cycle. When the Car hit the summer air conditioning should be turned off when the outer loop, prohibit exterior heat into the Car, the interior temperature Will quickly drop. In contrast to open the Car air conditioning Is not turned off the outer loop, the equivalent of air-conditioning at home to open the doors and windows open at the same time, resulting in air conditioning Is not cold and expensive electricity.

back to the beginning of the article left the answer, small female colleagues who did not close because the outer loop, while her Car Is a small 1.0L emIssion Car, Automotive air-conditioning power itself Is not large, leading to constant flood of hot air outside the vehicle cabin, the Car air-conditioned air all covered. More than three factors affect your Car’s air conditioning and refrigeration got it, you know there are other factors Will affect the Car air conditioning do?