ThIs part Is broken on the car, remember to replace the 4S shop, repair shop to save money, although it Will be dIsastrous

open the Car a long time, the Car’s internal parts Will suffer some damage, if coupled with some bumps in the road, it Is connected to the Car replacement Is a very common thing, and when we need replacement parts to the Car, many owners Will choose to go to 4s shops to replace the parts, because the 4s shop parts are expensive, and many owners are too pit 4s shop, whether it Is Car maintenance or vehicle maintenance, many Cars are not Willing to go to 4s shops, but the parts on the Car, if broken, you must go to 4s shops to replace, repair shops are cheap, but it Will be burned.

ThIs Is the belt parts on our Car, we usually come into contact with are real maintenance and repair, mostly oil changes, tire or other parts, then the belt on the Car Is how it happened? Many people are not very clear, in fact, in our Car, the Car has to do the transfer belt role in persuading the various parts of the engine, so that the belt Is also very important, usually we do not Care if some small parts, but when the belt occurs when aging or broken, the owner Will always bring some trouble, it Is more likely to bring some direct damage to the engine.

In general, Automotive belts to be replaced once a year, but many owners feel after the Car drove to a year, the Car Is very good belt and there Is no need to replace the Car 4s shop, but you do not know these Automotive belts seemingly good surface, but inside the belt ribs have been broken, when we drove in, not necessarily when it Will complete fracture , leads directly to engine damage, not only to repair the trouble, the cost Will be higher.

belt on the Car to a certain number of kilometers, or comes to a certain amount of time, we must to the Car 4s shop for replacement, the most important point Is that the replacement when we must choose 4s shop, do not choose a general repair shop, the saying goes, a sub-price goods, the vehicle we are open every day, in the 4s shop also replace the belts, more secure quality, he said ah , and outside the price Will not be much worse, problems arIse in the future we can also find 4s shop direct replacement.