ThIs part Is broken after the car to go inside 4s repair shop, a pit stop out

now with the engine being inside Is basically divided into two types, one Is the timing belt, the other Is the timing chain, the two actually have advantages and dIsadvantages, but mainly to talk about today timing belt problem. In fact, the timing belt to a certain number of kilometers that needs to be replaced, but there are many of my friends think, quite new timing belt to a certain number of kilometers, there Is no need to change ah, but small series to tell you thIs Is “fair foul “, that Is, the appearance looked very good, but there might have been off a stretch, if doing when turning, Is likely to say off the timing belt on the broken

as a very important part of thIs, if you want to change, it Is recommended that you must go to 4S shop to replace, because thIs part of the 4S shop for, you can give guarantee on quality, even if the outside Is also very good repair shop I can not give you a guarantee quality timing belt.

After completion of changing the timing belt, there may be a lot of people Will feel the engine jitter, it Is very likely that no good, just need to adjust when the timing belt Is precIsely that Is can.

In addition, there may appear abnormal, which Is likely to have problems with the tension pulley idler, such as loss of oil, if oil loss Is relatively small, it may be a hot Car there Is no sound, but if you lose too much oil, it Will be more abnormal sound obvious, but still continues, so be sure to refuel quickly. Therefore, it Is recommended that you better go to the 4S shop to replace, after all, a smooth down all guaranteed.