ThIs method several car maintenance, car owners should be sure to understand!

In today’s society, our Car Is an indIspensable means of transport, a lot of people travel largely dependent on it. So, Car maintenance and repair and do not let up. Next, I introduce several Car maintenance method.

1. Appearance inspection: checking before moving door, hood, trunk, glass status, check whether the vehicle Is damaged, if the body Is inclined, whether tainted oil, water leakage and so on.

2, and a variety of engine oil: fixing each of the bonding state of each member to check the engine, an engine check presence or absence of oil spills, leaks. Check and adjust the belt Is fastened, and a fixed wire line status check of each part. Check the added oil, coolant, the electrolytic solution.

3, tire: check tire wear, clean up the trunk. Near the tire wear marks, replace the tire. Check that the tire drum kits, abnormal wear, cracks aging, flawed and so on.

4, lubricating cleaning: Clean the bonnet, doors and trunk oil hinge mechanIsm, and lubrication. Antifreeze Is generally used within 2 years, when the maintenance in the replacement of antifreeze should thoroughly clean the cooling system. Since the hygroscopicity of the brake system, the brake fluid every two years.