ThIs Is the car at three small problems, to the 4S shop repair Is not cheap, in fact, you can get!

In fact, the Car Is a consumable, if there Will be long-term with a variety of problems, thIs Is a can not avoid. But sometimes more serious problems have to a large 4S shop or repair shop to repair, there are some small problems can be repaired in a small place. For some of the less experienced owners, they are more worried about the problem Is to find a good repair shop after the Car problems, so a Car Is a problem they Will be sent to the 4S shop to repair. But in fact, the words 4S repair Is more expensive, sometimes after completing we feel very dIstressed, and in fact some minor problems who do not find ourselves able to fix, so today let’s take a look, there are three places Car bad if you can fix yourself, after these three places have a problem you can not go as far 4S shop to fix it.

The first one Is the radar. We would never have thought thIs place was able to repair their own, some people say that thIs complex thing do not understand how it all can be done to repair it yourself, in fact, thIs thing Is attached to the Car a few small dots above, sometimes a touch Will fall, if the words out of 4S stores Will give you some parts removed the Car, but if you want to repair, then just below the bumper touch, if a touch, then pulled out with a glue stick good on the line, of course, if thIs does not succeed, then you are still going to 4S store or repair shop it!

The second Is a glove box. Glove box more convenient, we can put all sorts of things in there, but thIs position often have abnormal sound, very annoying. A long time Will make people think I do not know how to fix it, just go for a 4S shop, in fact, thIs problem can be solved by themselves, as long as their little activity activity glove box, and then removed, check and putting it back just fine, no necessary new ones, because thIs thing Is difficult to be worn and even if you are a new or there may be abnormal sound problems.

The third problem Is the wipers. Some people find that their Car Will appear above the wipers do not spray. Generally in thIs case it Is blocked, but if you go to the 4S shop to repair it, they’ll be delivered to you for a new, But generally do not need to change, just use a needle or a thin wire into it through just fine. In addition, we can also find a place in the Car wash spray when no water, so they use dry Car that gas spray it in front of the hole gas, generally also can clog things to go on top, so that you can solve the problem. However, if you find that thinking about the last bad if no other way but to go inside the shop repaired.

Of course, we all know, we are talking about are the most simple question, if the Car appears these problems we can own in the home first try, it Is impossible to go inside the shop to repair, if they can be repaired Is the best, if not fix it or get a professional repair personnel to repair it for you!

ThIs time we know it, there were minor problems can own the Car at home to try to see if I can not solve, if not go to the store, otherwIse 4S shop Is in white to give money, so it had lost, and 4S stores still feel you and silly, which some uneconomical. Your family Car when something goes wrong Is their own way or go to repair shop, or go directly to the 4S shop ah?