ThIs Is only for a few car parts 4S shop! Do not be fooled by the outside of the repair shop!

more and more vehicles on the road, walk less and less, but 4S store more and more Cars. The reason for such a situation, because very few people really know how to take good Care of their Cars, not to mention some important parts of the Car repaired, the Car does not necessarily understand the Car, not necessarily experts. easy to difficult in order to open the Car on the road, opened the Car Will inevitably have produced a variety of incurable dIseases, drove likely to encounter rocky road every day, from time to time Is also likely to scratch Cengceng , which Is a great damage to the Car, so minor adjustments to do after driving a short time, after a long drive the need for

Car conduct comprehensive testing and maintenance. The outside of those inside the vehicle useless, gave the bad parts removed replaced with a new Car knows that it Is easy to buy a Car, go up and maintenance Is difficult. Every service fee on Car owners are so dIstressed for a while, but not any better way, so some owners heard a cheaper repair shop Will rush even thousands of miles, compared to the formal 4S shop, these lower maintenance costs shops, parts cheaper, but the quality seems not too much difference between the 4S shop, but there Is one thing in particular, can not go to these places small change.

Many older drivers Will be able to guess what Is the belt. Novice Car maintenance knowledge Is still too little, in addition to the basic Car oil changes, some small parts for maintenance, the others are not quite understand. Xiao Bian here to talk about the importance of extra belt on the engine. ThIs Is not an ordinary belt with a belt, it can transmit power to the crankshaft, parts pumps, generators, etc., to drive them a job, plays pivot role. Because of its special status, only to get a good maintenance and timely replacement. Some bad driving behavior Is likely to cause damage to the belt while driving, in front of your belt breakage, be sure to go to 4S shop maintenance.

to replace the engine belt there Is a certain standard of kilometers, under normal circumstances at 50000-90000 kilometers, when necessary and timely to replace the new store belts and accessories. The engine can not work, and the quality of life of the engine and the belt are related to their work had normalTimely maintenance and repair. General Car about two years must be replaced. because of the different engine belts and other accessories, can not wait until bad bad again too late, once the natural fracture belt use, the extent of that damage your Car can imagine how serious Is a direct result of the engine can not work, if the fracture Is still running, it Is hard to imagine the consequences.

there are people still doubt me in the end Is to the 4S shop for change or go somewhere else? Automotive belts such important components, small series Is recommended that you must go to 4S shop to change. Because the store Will give you a minimum of quality assurance, service in place at’m not necessarily give you a guarantee. When the Car belt surface appears a great crack Is to be replaced, and check the condition of time thIs time we should remember replace the belt, and replace the belt usually not expensive, and back once the damage until the belt Will bring great loss likely parked directly on the highway, then it Is not worth the candle. Therefore, do not go to a regular maintenance to see if you are not value your Car, pay attention to their own safety. In general 4S shop Is more reliable. There are some maintenance tips can watch other articles Xiaobian Oh!