ThIs five car repair methods must change, it appears to be in the car, but in reality Is bad for the car!

The five vehicle maintenance methods must change, it appears to be in the Car, but in reality Is bad for the Car! Found that some of the problems around them: one thousand owners and had a thousand repair methods, of which there are many repair method Is not correct, thIs Will bring great threat and rIsks to safe driving and Car maintenance! Today, Professor at the future popularity of these common but wrong vehicle maintenance methods, the majority of fans who are also committed the following errors, be sure to correct as soon as possible!

1 removed blind engine thermostat if the engine due to the high temperature removal of blind thermostat, the coolant loop can be large, the cooling intensity can not be adjusted, it Is difficult to ensure that the engine in the more work at the right temperature, but often the engine Is operating at low temperatures, resulting in decreased engine power, accelerated wear, increased fuel consumption. After thermostat if the engine fails repair or replacement, the engine temperature Is higher, it should repair other parts of the cooling system, the thermostat can not be removed.

2 higher engine temperatures fear that some people afraid of low engine temperatures when driving fear afraid of high low. In fact, when low engine temperature Is also a great harm. The temperature should be the normal Car driving predetermined instruction manual, in order to guarantee the life of the engine.

3 pump fan belt more tightly as possible so that the belt Will not stretch too tight or broken, shortened life of the belt, but also because the tension Is too large, resulting in a generator shaft , water pump shaft bending deformation and early bearing damage. Automotive engine fan belt tightness should meet the technical requirements, when the belt assembly Is generally normal deflection of 10-15mm Is suitable.

4 with idling engine idle warm heating, due to the low speed, the oil pump can not be quickly pressed into the lubrication surface lubricant, oil Is also low, so that each of the engine moving parts work under dry or semi-dry friction state; low due to poor atomization of fuel, unburned fuel into the crankcase, wash away the oil film on the cylinder wall, Will accelerate mechanical wear and tear. Therefore, a few seconds after the engine starts, the fast idle heating applications, to improve the lubrication condition of the engine.

5 with a blowtorch baking oil bottom many owners like to use with a blowtorch baking oil bottom in the winter, but thIs Will only happen of the oil additiveHIstological changes, lose their properties, but also cemented the oil, oil pan dIstortion, easily lead to fires. The best practice Is based on the lowest local temperature selection of winter adapt oil. In areas where conditions permit, it Is best to have a vehicle parked in the garage holding facilities.