ThIs car part Is broken, can only change to the 4S shop, repair shop may save money but be careful dIsastrous

ThIs part Is broken, only to 4S shop for Car repair shops may save money but be Careful dIsastrous

We knew a long time to drive the Car the internal parts Will be damaged, plus bumps on the road, to do the Car replacement parts Is also common. Replacement parts for the Car so we generally do not go to 4S shop, because one Is expensive, and second, that most of us have been through the pit 4S shop, whether it Is for Automotive repair and maintenance fairly, people bully you are not white Car know, Will pit the money, it makes a lot of people very angry. So everyone in the Car when the replacement parts usually go out into the repair shop, there Is an old acquaintance, then also be able to dIscount points. But the Car thIs part Is broken, can only change to the 4S shop, repair shop may save money but be Careful suffer a great deal,

then thIs Is the Car parts belt, we generally come into contact with vehicle maintenance and repair are mostly oil change, tire or other parts, and then the belt Is the Editor do? A lot of people are not very clear in our Car, there Is a belt to transfer the role to drive the Car to do the work of the various components such as the engine, so that Is very important. If we usually do not Care about thIs small parts, so in the event of aging or broken, it Will bring some trouble to the owners, it could have caused some damage to the engine.

In general, then to be replaced once a year, when we may feel that the Car in the Car after a year of belt also very good, I feel no need to change, but we do not know Is that thIs Is only the surface looked good, inside the belt ribs may have been broken, then we are uncertain when driving and when the belt Will break occurs, bring damage to the engine, not only to repair the trouble, cost It Is very high.

so it comes to a certain number of kilometers or time, we got to the timely replacement of the belt of the Car, but we all know the importance of Automotive belts, so we have to go in time to replace the 4S shop, no matter how expensive the price, at least in terms of quality can be guaranteed, but not outside of, and how much the price difference, Is the problem in the future, we can also find people more at ease a little.

However, if the stuffing out of a repair shop in exchange Automotive belts, although the price Will be cheaper, but we can not guarantee the quality, so what we event of a problem while driving , it Is not capable of coming into thIs little cheaper of the of the. Although only a small part, we are not going to make do, but it relates to the safety of our Car.

Therefore, in the Car just to change some of the more important parts of the time, we still go to 4S shop Is better, not because of money, and let their suffered a major loss.