ThIs car Is broken in three places, do not rush to give money 4S shop, we can fix it yourself!

Car after use there Will inevitably be a variety of problems, some inexperienced friends, they are afraid of the outside can not fix it, so there Is a problem it Will be sent 4s repair shop, but go 4s shop Will cost some relatively high. In fact, some of the problems of our own small Car to be repaired, Is not necessary to go to 4s shops. Let’s talk about today, which Is broken in three places you can service good, try not to be money pit 4s shop. ThIs Car Is broken in three places, do not rush to give money 4S shop, we can fix it yourself!

The first one Is the Automotive radar. Some people may think how can such a complex radar fix what they do, in fact, reversing radar Is stuck in the Car a few small dots composed of, sometimes push the button it Is easy to fall into. If the radar went out 4s shop maintenance need to be removed, then the front and rear bumpers, it Is more troublesome. Did you know? In fact, you can reach out and touch the bumper from below the radar, thIs time as long as they stick on with glue on it. Of course, if it Is not to only go to the repair shop for service.

The second Automotive glovebox abnormal sound. For safety, most people would choose to hear abnormal sound when the Car go 4s repair shop, in fact, a problem for the glove box of their own or abnormal noIse can be solved, a little activity activity removed to install on it, not necessarily to 4s demolIshed the entire store all changed.

The third wiper Is not wiping problem. Wiper also after a period of time with no water may occur Is blocked question, if you go to 4S shop maintenance, they Will tell you need to replace one. In fact, sometimes you can not replace Is repaired, we can use a needle or wire through a pass, basically the problem can be resolved. After addition, we can also finIsh spray glass of water, let dry washing Friends gas to the top of it, so basic can be resolved. But if it Is a problem with the motor, then you can only go to the store for repair.

Of course, thIs Is just some small problems of treatment, if the problem can not be solved best to go to the store to find professionals for maintenance.


Car, thIs place 3 small problems, not to the 4S shop to spend less than $ 100, in fact, be able to fix! After the Car problems silly not to give money to the 4S shop slightly. My friends, when problems arIse your own Car repair shop or directly sent to repair it?