ThIs car has five signs, open directly to the repair shop, the old drivers years of experience

With the popularity of Cars in our daily lives, but also be widely applied. But after a long time, the Car Will inevitably be problems. If you are not Careful, dangerous situations can occur with them. So the past few years, everybody was more concerned for vehicle maintenance. In addition to these, sometimes the Car Will be some emergency situations, it Is more of a test driver. ThIs Car has five signs, open directly to the repair shop, the old drivers years of experience.

in the way we like them, if we find that there are five signs of the Car, then it would not even think about anything, directly to the repair shop, which old driver also many years of experience. The following small series just like to know about it, the first one Is the brake abnormal sound. If it Is a new Car, then abnormal sound Is quite normal things that appear, after all, in a period of transition. However, if after a long run-in period, it Is likely that there has been damage to the brake pads, the need for timely replacement.

The second Is the engine shake. Probably the problem Is still relatively common, Although the reasons are many, but the most important thing engine deposits problem. After all, now road traffic jam Is very serious, if not cleared up, it Is likely to cause an increase in fuel consumption problem.

The third wheel Is rusted. Now most of the steering wheel Is leather or imitation leather material, if new problems arIse, but also difficult to find. The emergence of rust problem, often because the moIsture influence, especially in the south, more prone to rust problems. If the situation Is more serious, but also must go to maintenance and replacement.

The fourth Is the engine fault lights. In general, thIs situation must explain the Car out of the question. And the biggest reason it Is often due to the use of poor quality gasoline caused. So thIs happens, still in time to the repair shop to be checked.

The last one Is the steering wheel, when walking speed jitter serious. For thIs reason, the final analysIs, because the engine jitter. If you want to eliminate, it Is best to clean up the throttle, Inlet coke. We do not know when the usual driving, did you notice these types of situations?