ThIs car can not choose 3 colors, paint not only expensive but also difficult to fill!

buy a Car can not choose these three colors, paint not only expensive but also difficult to fill!

With the improvement of living standards, now there are more and more people Will choose to buy a Car. When buying a Car, not just a fancy vehicle performance, configuration, to a certain extent, the color of a Car sometimes plays a key role. But in fact, not every color are suitable for everyday use. Let’s lIsten to the advice of a garage up the paint master of it: The three paint do not choose, you not only harder to fill.

White metal

Like thIs paint few owners, thIs paint give people a strong futurIstic and technological sense. Even if the paint and thIs light Is not too strong texture. But also because the process Is complex, regardless of the angle at which the paint Will affect the thickness or fineness of the final painting. It can be said that a repairman do not like thIs kind of paint up, too technical examination too bothered. If up painting master of technology Is not very good, it Is clear that you can see it, paint it up on the very high costs, usually if there Is a small knock a small touch, the Car Is estimated to be sent to the factory to repair, flowers the cost Is relatively large, so that the color of the Car, I do not recommend buying. “

movable Spirit Red

ThIs Is a very nice red, many owners like, like the color of ripe cherries, looking very attractive. red soul on the way to attract the attention of many people, able to satIsfy people’s mentality. but thIs process of painting Is very troublesome, because thIs paints and varnIshes in the middle there translucent film, much of thIs stuff, we are in the process of refinIshing a lot of trouble, the price Will be very expensive. but thIs paint using the coating bottoming, once the occurrence of rub, general 4S shop there are no such technique can be repaired.

pearl finIsh

Is commonly called mica paint on mica and iron oxide coated titanium metal, raw material made of mica, the mica pigment into the base layer coating, paint for such Car, theWill be easier in daily reflective surface, feels feel bright spots, but the latter situation occurs if you want to repair, then you Will feel dIstressed wallet. So when we buy a Car, do not choose pearl paint, it do not look nice, after being touched you think it does not look good.

So when we must choose the paint can not be free, some colorful paint looks very nice, but repair them quite troublesome, Once the latter appears impossible to repair damaged original state, so when buying a Car as we choose ordinary paint, paint Do not these three options, of course, if you are a local tyrant, then you can so, because the local tyrants are generally direct transfer, never fill paint.