ThIs car burning oil Is bad, do not let the car repair shop to be chaotic repair

more and more people buy Cars, but there are a lot of people do not really understand the Car, the Car a little problem on the Car open to the 4S shop maintenance, for people who do not understand Cars it can be really bad, and now the Auto 4S shop, repair shop there are too dark, like on their Car has a slight burning oil big noIse, let everyone engine overhaul or replacement of four matching what not only expensive but also not fix it! If thIs happens, the owners do not worry, in fact, such problems are mainly two reasons, the following small series to tell you, lest they give pit.

First and we look at the first reason, there appears a slight burning oil big noIse in general Is the valve seals on all our sakes aging vehicles, owners only need to replace the valve seal, burning oil can solve the problem, we must remember that, after a pit stop to the 4S shop.

There Is a second reason for the problem Is one-way valve. Which Is the one-way valve on the graph damaged, the one-way valve Is designed to allow the oil burned off into the intake manifold through the one-way valve, you just need the owners and friends check valve replacement hanging out, thIs burning problem oil can be resolved.

hope that we can help save more money, you avoid wasting the owners of Car trouble paying the money the province Is not good for the engine, it Is recommended Members vehicle to remember good maintenance, a Car can not be used for a longer period of time, the influence of the engine Is relatively large.