ThIs car appeared several faults, you can go to the general repair shop, Check it out!

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us after 4s shop to buy a Car, when the Car problem, the first thought Is to go to the Car 4s shop for vehicle maintenance, but some owners do not know, Car 4s shop also Will be earned through the sale of Car parts more money, but they are also making repairs when repairs Will raIse the price, so that when the Car needs to be serviced, the emergence of these types of situations when you do not go Car 4s shop, because their prices are very high.

When we buy a Car after the finIsh, the Car 4s shop Will strongly suggest that we in vehicle maintenance, be sure to come to the store, if you go to other places then it Is not to protect the safety, I believe the majority of owners after lIstening to thIs, I believe Will be the clerk, then, that every time whether it Is Car repair or maintenance, which Will go to 4s shops to, but generally the Car after a problem, really you need to go Car 4s store? In fact, these types of problems arIse when the Car when there was no need to go to 4s shop maintenance.

When driving the Car for a long time, there may be many problems, such as our common problem Is the Car at low speed for a long time, it Will Automatically turn off the state, in fact, thIs phenomenon of the reason Is very simple, we just need to clean up the Car oil on it, if we go to 4s shops to clean up, then Is to spend several hundred, but if we choose to go to a general repair shop wash, it may spend a hundred dollars, or even less than a hundred dollars you can easily solve, and general repair shop may be more Carefully it.

Car driving, the engine Will inevitably have some impact, common Is clogging the engine compartment Will appear, thIs Is due to changes in the environment , excessive inhalation of dust can not be dIscharged due, then we Will find that our Automotive cooling effect Will be much worse than before, which for the performance of the Car Is very bad, thIs time someone Will choose 4s shops to Car wash Car’s engine compartment, In fact, it Is not necessary, we just need to ordinary repair shop for cleaning it.

Auto injectors Is a very important accessory, then we go to 4s shops, they Will tell us that the Car Is also a nozzle must be regularly cleaned, but here, Xiao Bian want to say Is that if you really intend to clean fuel injectors, then it might as well go to a general repair shop to replace the nozzle, because the cleaning and replacement of flowers money Is almost the same, so that it would appear, then, we do not need too much to believe that the Car 4s shop to say it, mainly be selected according to the use of their Car.

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