Third repair raIsing seven different stages of age of the vehicle maintenance and repair methods

In general, the incidence of Car failure problems Will increase with increased age of the vehicle and the number of kilometers and gradually increase. Data analysIs showed that: the incidence of Problem 3 years following vehicles only 31.04%, while the 6 – 10 years the incidence of failure problem vehicles Will reach above average, while the incidence of failure problems for more than 15 years of vehicle up to 180%. In other words, with increasing age of the vehicle and the number of kilometers traveled, vehicle maintenance Is not a simple routine maintenance items only, but also regular replacement of some parts, wear and tear parts.

1, 1–4-year vehicle age: adolescence, in addition to normal maintenance need to pay attention to a number of consumable parts to replace.

a Car in the first two years of use Is the peak of life, as long as routine maintenance, basically not a problem, but after more than two years, the vehicle Is about to begin replacing some of the most vulnerable part of the losses.

brakes: after the vehicles two to three years, Will be based on mileage as required replacement of the brake pads, so as to ensure the vehicle Is operating under more normal state. Generally owners Will also find that when you do repair or maintenance, Will also be checked to replace the brake pads, because it Is the first line of defense for safe driving. Based on experience, under normal driving conditions, the brake pads Will wear probably about two years to make, of course, may, depending on the exact use of the driver’s habits and driving frequency may be. If you like the kind of pedal to the metal and violently hit the brakes, then brake pad change Is relatively diligent.

2, 4–7 vehicle age in years: middle period, in addition to normal vehicle maintenance member to be replaced easily and rubber-based aging.

more than four years of a vehicle, an analogy Is like “people into middle age,” many parts Will be relaxed, especially after a long bumpy high speed vehicles. Plus some interior natural aging of various rubber tube and so on, so many Car owners often drive to four or five years time to start change, there are some second-hand Car buyers like to buy thIs vehicle age of the vehicle, because the price Will be much cheaper than a new Car. For a vehicle with the middle age, in addition to routine maintenance, to pay special attention to maintenance of the following components:

timing belt: about four years to open the Car to pay attention to the timing belt Is not changed, the general Car traveling in the 70,000 to 100,000 kilometers, when you change the timing belt should be sent, if not when replacing the Car to travel halfway if the timing belt breaks suddenly it harder to resolve.

The rubber tube: ThIs stage of the vehicle within the vehicle age if not properly maintained, black oil leakage, Is very prone to leakage and other problems. Due to the natural aging of old rubber tube, the failure Will occur from time to time. If the owner of the Car Is well maintained, the problem of aging Will appear relatively later time, save the equivalent of a sum of money.

water tank: about five vehicles inside the tank may corrode and chemicals, so some of the Car began leaking tank, the tank Will need to be replaced, of course, if the tank looks like BMW used for five years can be considered good.

3, 7–10 years of age of the vehicle: old age, in addition to the need to replace re-wearing, easy to aging components, the need to repair and maintenance transmIssions and other core components.

due to the limited life of the vehicle, in U.S., the Car Is generally to 10 years should be retired, if properly maintained, but also healthy Car on schedule to complete the mIssion. But the Car to seven years later, it gradually into old age, to thIs “old”, those in the third and fourth years to replace small parts, almost back to the time of, for example, the shock absorber. In addition, most of the Automatic transmIssion Car should also repair Automatic transmIssion at thIs time.

maintenance of Automatic gearbox: Automatic transmIssion Car owners to use, Automatic gear transmIssion structure of the Car Is more complex, but also more sophIsticated, in the Automatic transmIssion driving the Car, in order to travel lifetime freely, kept in good condition, the owner must more Carefully, so that different gears are used interchangeably to do maintenance must not be spared. ThIs Will extend the use of the Automatic transmIssion.