These types of faults occur car, the car Is not really bad, you do not have to find a repair shop waste of money!

these types of failures occur Car, the Car Is not really bad, you do not have to find a repair shop waste of money!

As we all know, you buy the Car, because the assembly very much, no matter how good your Car, a long time, Will inevitably be some small problems. So users do not understand the new Car the Car in the event of failure, very anxious, and immediately went to the repair shop, in fact, not a lot of failure problems, do not spend money, they would be able to repair, then Xiao Bian gave you a few case and the maintenance of their own way.

vehicle chassIs drip

Careful users, sometimes observed the Car chassIs dripping, many users think that their new Car to be a big problem. ThIs Is the case, if in hot or cold weather Is no problem, thIs Is due to Automobile air-conditioning, water vapor encounters outside the chassIs, water droplets Will appear. Users need to understand the new Car, it Will have air conditioning drip chassIs, and therefore not a fault.

can not turn the key insert, the steering wheel does not take

many people buy a new Car, turn the steering wheel after stopping, found not turn the key useless, it does not move. ThIs Is the case, we do not need to worry, because of the smart Car steering wheel lock set, in fact, require only a slight rotation of the steering wheel, and then insert the key, the lock Is set to stop, the Car Will be launched.

How the brake dIsc antirust

how many friends consulted brakes rust, rust lot of cases, of course, buy new, but if rust Is not much, it Is not necessary to buy.Is due brakes are steel, used more often Will be some rust, but Will not cause any impact on the use, not serious Is not necessary to buy a new one.

After stopping for unusual sound

a lot of new users to use the Car, turn off parking Will hear unusual sounds, very often due to the heat caused by Car , since the engine and other equipment generates a lot of heat, and in the process the exhaust gas, cooling tube reduced, it unusual sound, do not need to worry.

an emergency stop, the brake means wobbling up

Is usually in the use of the Car, the brake pedal Will not dIscomfort, but in an emergency stop, braking device owners Will find significant upward fibrillation, without having to worry about thIs, as the Car Is in order to prevent locking when the brakes, Automotive equipment constantly generates the braking force control by the wobbling direction, thIs happens, although the user Tazhu brakes without fear.

after stop lamp immortal

after parking lot owners, found eternal light, that Is still a waste of electricity. ThIs Is due to the use of intelligent light delay Car, out of the dark road to prevent users stop looking bright for a delay of less than a set, so do not worry.

before the two Car headlights are not as high as

userFound that such cases need not worry. As the Car traveling at night, the Car came across rely on our left, the left headlight Is too high if it Will affect the opposite, so the design of the lower, to avoid traffic accidents appear. Therefore, two Car headlights high and low.

If you encounter these problems when using the Car, do not worry, no need to repair, but when the situation Is very serious, particularly dripping like chassIs, brakes rusty dIsk Is particularly serious, we need to go to a repair shop.

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