These three cars appear fault, do not rush to the repair shop, be careful pit!

structure of a Car Is particularly complex, many parts are also particularly fine, but now the Automotive industry Is growing, particularly large general failure does not occur. But usually something wrong with a Car, most of my friends would immediately open to the repair shop and 4S shop repair, but they Will say that these are big problems, where the need to change, in fact, some are small problems, do not need repair, Xiao Bian today Will tell you what small problems do not need repair, do not be fooled it!

not on the vehicle headlamp

according to the current when the light Is off, some of the maintenance staff usually give us thIs sentence: “you die headlamps, the assembly must be replaced.” generally at thIs time the owner of the first reaction might be: the bulb Is broken, we can not change Yet? Maintenance reception Will be very Careful to tell you to “bulb headlamp assembly, it can not be replaced individually, only together replace the headlamp assembly. If you open the headlamp assembly, the Car can not guarantee the.” after such a game, I think many people Will believe the words of the maintenance staff. But when you go to a repair shop, a bulb for a few to tens of dollars, easily completed within five minutes l.

brakes rusted want to change brake pads

I believe many of my friends Will find, when the Car used the situation after some time there Will be rusty brakes, if only slightly rusty if that was the situation normal. After all, the metal material Is exposed to the outside, year-round sun and wind more or less Will have some rust, so do not be too concerned about, and Will not affect brake function. Just drive up to go out Guangyi Xia, you can find rust on the brake dIsc Is reduced.

Key sudden screw fixed or can not be started

In fact, for thIs case, but way to deal with Is very simple, but it Is likely that you turn on security features when the Car started, and at thIs time the steering wheel lock only. So we do not worry go hard twIst the key in the face of such a situation, when otherwIse IsProbably the key twIst off, in the face of thIs situation, we only need to gently rotate about the steering wheel, and then twIst the key while you can very easily solve thIs problem. In addition to thIs problem, the Car can not start the problem often occurs. In fact, the Car Will not start only two possible problems. One Is no electricity, and the other Is protective measures to prevent your Car from being stolen.

In thIs case, check one by one.

1, if the front lit light switch Is off, i.e., the battery off. Found power source connected to it, Is connected to the positive electrode to the positive electrode, the negative electrode Is connected to the negative electrode. 2, if the lamp Is normal, then it Is locked, which Is the protection mechanIsm in the vehicle, the steering wheel usually fixed at thIs time.