These three car behavior Is in fact destroyed cars, old drivers are caught!

With economic development, more and more Cars to the public of the family, for the average family, just bought back the Car that really have good Care. But the Car does not know that some behavior Is in fact destroyed the Car, including some older drivers can not be avoided. Today we take a look at what appears to be Car actually destroyed the Car’s behavior.

frequent washing

Cars do not always wash the Car in the end how long it should be cleaned once, Is not conclusive. Car dirty, it should be cleaned. Paint the Car itself contains chemical components, vehicle long periods of cleaning, some material Will be attached to the finIsh, the chemical composition of these substances Will react chemically with the paint, vehicle paint Will suffer. Lead paint bleak and dull. In general, wash once a week Is appropriate, in case of heavy rain and mud more time should be cleaned.

However, the Car wash can not be too frequent. Currently, Car wash service on the market uneven quality of the cleaning agent used, there are differences. Many Car washes are using washing powder, detergent acts as a detergent, detergent in the chemical composition of these Will be some impact on the body paint. In addition, most of the Car wash Is dry with a cloth ordinary Car body of water, cloth material selected properly, Will scratch the finIsh.

Cars are not Willing to open the

not Willing “to drive but more to hurt the Car, long-term do not have Cars or long-short with surface vehicle transmIssion components, such as engines and transmIssions due to often in direct contact with the air and rust, the battery Will dIscharge because the natural long-term effects to life. phenomena of oil oxidation Will occur after the oil oxidation, first, the impact to the engine, gearbox lubrication effect, followed by some acidic substances cause corrosion of mechanical components. stopped vehicle longer, the more severe oil oxidation, then the vehicle Is started again, between the cylinder and pIston dry friction within the engine Will speed up zero wear member, starting resIstance also become large. the best way Is to put every Car out 10-15 days yo.

the polIshing paint

polIshed AutomobilesIs the vehicle to feel more on the grade, giving bright at first glance, but each time polIshing Will paint a thin layer, so in the end you have to re-paint! You have to paint a long time polIshing, it Is inevitable, but how many Will polIsh the paint a little damage, because the polIshing lacquer thinner Will make the Car paint, but if you do not and can not look polIshed, looks like old Cars, so generally control once in one to two years. If only a small throw it, Will not hurt the paint, thinned only gold oil. Recommended after polIshing, film coated or plated with protective agent like crystal.