“These four” no need to do the maintenance items on the car, repair master: 4S shop special pit layman

“the four” no need to do the maintenance items on the Car, repair master: 4S shop special pit layman! Now more and more number of Cars above the road, so we are seeing it now for most people, buying a Car Is not a difficult thing, but as the saying goes, buying a Car Is easy to keep a Car difficult, too to know the meaning of thIs sentence only after genuine bought a Car, but something about how to better maintenance of the Car Is also very frustrating for many owners. There are some owners feel good to be able to maintain the Car, often Will be on the 4s shop recommended maintenance projects generosity, although he Is very dIstressed money, but compared and their own safety, but also feel that the comparIson value for money, then the following four kinds of maintenance projects Is actually completely unnecessary to do, but the repairman told the owners four s shop specifically for the layman, then stop wasting money, these four absolutely no need to do maintenance, work together to understand a bit!

The first are the first engine in addition to Carbon, then we believe we all know that the Car in the open after a period of time, inside the engine Will also produce coke and these eggs Will not only affect the power of the Car, but also Will increase Car fuel consumption, and some Will turn to the middle 4s shop staff to resolve, so the engine to remove Carbon deposits, then for 4s shop manager for eggs cost Is relatively expensive, but the role Is very limited, so the owner may wIsh to run more than a few high-speed, so you can achieve the effect of cleaning up the coke.

The second sell fuel additives, in fact, many children Will often also have a special after-sales consultants to sell fuel additives to the owners, and thIs thing Will make their own Car power becomes stronger, or Is clearly Carbon vehicles, and for these fuel additives, Is also no need to buy the additional role of thIs fuel additive Is far said so long, many owners think he Is useful also because of psychological problems, so thIs group Is no need to buy thIs kind of thing.


A third tire, in fact, inside the 4s shop they also offer tire maintenance, and thIs Is also not necessary to do maintenance, tire the process of management, they Will tire first top poolSon to pull out all the while tire wash, then go hit the top layer of wax, but tire itself Is a consumable, if there Is damage, then directly replace it, for the maintenance of the tire Is not necessary, in addition tire maintenance once the price Is very expensive.

of the four air-conditioning cleaning, Car after using it for some time, we Will also find the outlet air volume Is not large, or speak outlet Another, like thIs case, many owners also Will give four s shop maintenance staff to recommend some maintenance projects, that Is the air thorough cleansing, when they heard the name of the time, there are some owners feel such a complex maintenance projects, spend a few hundred dollars Is worth it, in fact, thIs project Is for a maintenance air filter, and then spray a little perfume, then thIs process Is actually not worth spending so much money.