These eight wrong car maintenance method, you must still do

let alone novice drivers, some older drivers on Car maintenance Will still make a lot of common mIstake, these eight wrong practices, you still do it?

1, under the hot sun washing

Car wash under the hot sun, the sun hit the vehicle body, and by focusing drops of water Will damage the paint, which Is Why after the Car wash to the reason the body clean. In addition, be sure to wash and dry the Car air-conditioning to keep the appearance, if the Car air conditioning Is not accidentally gets wet, it Will affect the life of Automotive air conditioning.

2, waxing circles embodiment

Many people are accustomed to the body waxing performed in a circle manner, which Is not correct. Waxing correct manner in a straight line manner, alternating horizontal and vertical lines, then the last step in the direction of flow of rainwater, so as to achieve an effect to reduce the paint surface concentric halo.

3, plus excess of oil

When lack of engine oil sump, with the journal bearing and the like due to friction and a small amount of lubricating oil poor, increasing the degree of wear, and even lead to burning ZWZ accident. However, if too much oil, the engine crank handle at work, connecting rod big end Will produce severe agitation, not only increases the internal loss of engine power, but also the oil spill on the cylinder wall, resulting fault burning oil. Thus, the engine oil sump should be controlled on the dipstick, between the score lines as well.

4, Over tightening

by a bolt, a nut fastener coupled a lot, the Car should ensure that it has adequate preload, but not twIst too tight. If overtightened, on the one hand it would make connection permanent deformation under external force; on the other hand Will cause permanent deformation tensile bolt preload the worse, causing the slider or break phenomenon.

5, the fan belt too tight

summer temperatures are too high, some drivers believe that increasing the fan belt tightness, can improve the engine cooling effect, so they kept improve the tightness of the fan belt, causing the fan belt too tight, not knowing that thIs approach Is wrong. Fan belt tension should be maintained properly, because too tight Will make the bearing load Is too large, increased wear and tear, power consumption increases, but also makePump shaft bending, stretching deformation belt, shortened life expectancy.

6, look for imported tires

Some people buy tires particularly fond of emphasIs on “imported.” However, foreign push the new tire on the domestic users, one of the most fatal flaw Is not applicable. In contrast, some foreign brands in the domestic tire production joint venture, are based on road conditions in the domestic side of the tire cord fabric layer increases, thereby greatly enhancing the impact resIstance of the sidewall of the tire production joint venture fully able to replace from a performance perspective Imported goods.

7, the new battery Is not charged

charging the battery for the first time referred to the initial charge, initial charge have a great impact on battery life. If charged, i.e., by “water” used directly, the battery capacity Is not high, life Will be shorter; if direct charging, Will be shortened life expectancy. Typically the battery Is charged after initial complete filling electrolyte with a small charging current of about 1 hour to about installation.

8. Long-term parking Is not

and some people are not Willing to use after buying a Car, drove out to play only when a holiday, in fact, the way the Car Is also very hurt Car. Drive engine and gearbox and other parts surface due to often in direct contact with air and rust, because the battery Will naturally affect the life of the long-term dIscharge. The best way Is to run a Car every few days, ran a thirty or forty minutes. In addition, short-dIstance Car Will always hurt the Car, the Car was moving at any time but are open not far, it Is an important cause of injury vehicles.

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