These days do maintenance to the 4S shop pretty empty after the Lantern Festival Is expected to usher in a small peak car maintenance

Daily Commercial News intern Reporter Wang Yuefeng

By convention, a year after the Spring Festival Is the peak period of Car maintenance. The reason, one Is Chinese New Year holiday surge in vehicle accidents; on the other hand Is the Spring Festival return of the vehicle to do routine maintenance. Therefore, many owners would habitually drove to the 4S shop for maintenance and repair.

So, now work normally gone for three days, how the situation in Hangzhou 4S vehicle maintenance shop yesterday, thIs Reporter had vIsited the investigation. From the point of view of understanding of the situation, these days Hangzhou 4S shop after-sales maintenance were not as busy as can basically do realize pick.

However, the store staff said, Is expected before and after the Lantern Festival Will usher in a small peak wave of maintenance, we recommend you make reservations in advance or peak load shifting maintenance.

Lantern Festival Will welcome a small peak maintenance

compared to the situation before maintenance get together in after these days Auto repair, maintenance does not seem so busy. Many owners reflect, basically thIs week Will be able to direct to the 4S shop to do maintenance, you Will not even need to queue long rows. Ms. Chen, who lives north of the city early in the morning gave Chevrolet 4S shop owners to make an appointment to do a routine maintenance, get back directly to the store, do not need to line up.

To thIs end, the Reporter also consulted New York Toyota, Volkswagen and other imports 4S shop, the staff have said that these days are working days, to shop and to do maintenance and repair of vehicles much, if there Is a need to do maintenance, you can go directly to the store.

Ling passenger LYNK & CO Is responsible for after-sales Xiajing Li said that the approaching Spring Festival a few days basically every day to receive about 100 trips, but these days received an average of about 50 a day than years ago empty lot. However, with the usual difference Is that the Car accident a few days after the holiday maintenance accounted for a quarter. In addition, due to the maintenance of the master not all duty, current telephone booking service was not yet open, really on the right track to wait until after the Lantern Festival.

Shakespeare Shixiang RoadDi Xu 4S shop front desk supervIsor Is introduced before the Lantern Festival, there are many owners did not return to Hangzhou, plus these days are working days, so do the maintenance of the vehicle with the usual no difference, remained at four or five units per day. But next weekend, the owners basically all back, Is estimated to begin busy!

Under the current circumstances, it Is easy to infer the weekend before and after the Lantern Festival Will likely usher in a Automobile repair and maintenance of small peak. On the one hand, owners during the Lantern Festival after another went back to Hangzhou, on the other hand, the maintenance of master after another duty, 4S shop work gradually on the right track.

peace of mind when booking peak shifting Province

days if you do not have enough time to do maintenance, do not want to on weekends to spend time queuing how to do it? Insiders said that, under normal circumstances, after the Chinese New Year holidays are over two weeks, the maintenance of thIs situation Will gradually ease peak. If your vehicle maintenance done before the Spring Festival, and no abnormal situation during the Spring Festival, the Festival can wait for some time and then 4S shop testing.

In addition, for the next two weekends vehicle maintenance may be crowding, 4S shop recommended that the majority owners of the reservation at least one day in advance to save time, some 4S stores Will Lantern after opening up the reservation, currently due in part to the repair shop master did not work, staff was more tension to the store can only be arranged according to the actual situation. Meanwhile, if the vehicle needs and Car damage claims Is not particularly serious, as the peak of the first set loss, a week or two and then repair.

A little driver of the vehicle, may be checked before self-shining specification prior to 4S shop maintenance. First, oil, antifreeze, brake fluid, oil level of oil as long as the power between the upper scale Is qualified; secondly, the owner can self an air gauge measuring tire pressure, tire wear can tread depth judgment; third, holiday travel long dIstances, the Car body easy to accumulate dead insects guano, it should be washed. Finally, after long journeys, in addition to cleaning vehicles appearance, but also clean the engine compartment.

Finally, relying on public transport during the holiday travel friends should pay attention to, if your vehicle during the holidayLong-term suspension of service, it Is best to check before ready to drive on the road performance of all aspects of the vehicle Is normal, in order to ensure traffic safety.