These car repair pits you definitely fall off! Inventory of several common vehicle maintenance routine money pit!

vehicles have become an essential means of transport for thousands of families in modern society, then the use of the vehicle during Car maintenance Is the routine maintenance Is essential, have come by Car for a driver’s license Is not difficult to say, but for the vast majority of Car owners, Car repair are white, maybe even basic common sense do not know the structure of the Car, let alone a Car repair knowledge, then in thIs case can only lIsten to the complete repair of the garage suggested, but the current Car repair business was mixed, uneven quality of employees, to be completely dependent on the integrity of management of the garage, it Is almost impossible to be more of a variety of routines, so simple once repairs maintenance spent a lot of time and money, so today we have to take stock of what the next step on pit wasting money easy maintenance vehicle maintenance during the project there.

brake maintenance, safety brake Is about the Cars with very important part, since it Is so important for the maintenance of the brakes Is not necessary, really like thIs the brake regular inspection and maintenance Is really necessary, but in fact the brakes need to do maintenance Is also very simple, brake oil changed regularly check the brakes and brake pad thickness and usage, clean the brake components surface dirt, so in fact, for brake systems routine maintenance on it, but the actual process of repair workshop recommended the use of the entire brake maintenance Is very expensive conservation products, including silencers fat and grease, and cleaning agents, in fact, these completely unnecessary, as long as the brake system no dirt Will not appear normal noIse, and activities of daily sales of high-temperature grease has a very cheap alternative to the so-called special cleaning agent, in fact, use of clean agent on it, and a little oil Is left in the brakes during maintenance dIsk, and then after high temperature use Is likely to cause deformation of brakes and braking effect caused by short-term deterioration, so these so-called full Conservation and maintenance of brakes, in fact, just like the master said to check the brakes clean it, without having to spend high prices to buy these brakes Care products.

cleaning agent inside the engine, the first engine cleaning agent I say does have the effect of cleaning the interior of the engine, soot may be cleaned after completion of the random drain oil with but with thIs engine cleaners are more harm than good, because any cleaning have a certain corrosive effect, and Is difficult to clean Carbon deposits inside the engine, it Is necessaryStrong corrosion cleaning agent Will be effective, but we need to know, the engine Is not integrally formed, it Is composed of many components are connected together, among which there are many plastic seal, when the engine cleaning agent in the cleaning when Carbon deposition, Is in fact indirect corrosion engine seals, when corrosion to a certain time, engine oil leakage situation Will arIse, and permeability are very cumbersome process failure, a lot of time to dIsassemble the engine can be resolved, so the engine cleaning agents Is not recommended.

engine and transmIssion protection agents, the so-called protective agent can not say it has no effect, but it Is very sad to have a role, because we are now lubrication oil within the prescribed period itself Will be able to use works best, simply do not need to add, and to Carry out the maintenance period Will replace the new lubricant doing maintenance, so-called protective agent Will also let go, so add protective agent becomes completely superfluous, so do not waste money for such a tasteless additive flowers.

The foregoing analysIs, we know that several maintenance projects not only do not have much use, but some can damage engines, so we must at the time of maintenance to choose Carefully, because these projects Is very profitable for dealers, so the staff Will often recommend, after we dIscussed today, I believe we in maintenance, met the staff recommended these projects, we can rationally do a choice, avoid routine staff wasting money.