These car maintenance “deceptive routine” repair shop Will not tell you! Were you infected

These Car maintenance “deceptive routine” repair shop Will not tell you! You caught yet

A lot of people after buying a new Car, choose to go 4S shop for maintenance, the Car Is drawing to peace of mind and easy. Although the 4S shop for routine maintenance should be, but in the end tend to be induced by the after-sales consultant, he has done more maintenance projects. One of the routine as much as simply hard to detect. Come, come, start with easy problems encountered when several maintenance.

shoddy. Here Is directed parts, it could be a variety of oils, including oil, transmIssion oil, etc., obviously buy original pieces or big brand, but secretly you to replace Vice plant parts or low-grade oil, inferior race charged can greatly increase profits repair shop, which Is a lot of desperate repair shop shortcut to make money!

and the change of the tire puncture. All the tires are probably the most vulnerable parts of Automobile parts, and began, price factors aside, tire repair tire repair tire repair shop such conditions inside the craft may have to be more professional, and do not need the trouble to go 4S shop faster lunch. Besides tire change, 4S shop less often pick, unified brand and unified models of tires in 4S stores often charge more, but the inside of the tire shop specializing able to supply more appropriate and more economical choice. Thus seen, to change a tire after an absence of 4S shop Is relatively sensible choice.

stealing parts. The Car has a lot of small parts, it Is very difficult to dIstribution, such as some plastic screws, etc., but no it Will not affect the normal use of the vehicle, without permIssion to steal some Car repair shop to hide for a rainy day, thIs situation the most hateful, because the owners did not know in the end Is not hidden!

flicker you add various additives. When you take Care of the Car when the Auto repair shop might say, do all kinds of good things, advIse you to add various additives, such as what some of the fuel additive tank cleaners and the like. In fact, these additives are those like our health Care products, as you can eat, Will eat a lot of health excess, can not play effect,It may also be counter-productive. So when we face the stores sell the additive must be appropriate choice, do not lIsten to too much praIse word of stores.

I believe things Will not do a lot of repair shops loss of conscience, but do not rule out some maintenance technicians quality Is not high phenomenon, so everyone in the garage, the Car in which people where still a very necessary thing!