There are so many car air conditioning knowledge that most people do not know, Will be open for a fuel-efficient!

summer, intolerable heat, the Car if no air conditioning, and sometimes really can not stay. If you travel by Car Is a friend, on the hot asphalt road speeding, it was estimated that the driver Will not be long “drying” the. People on Auto air conditioning use are quite right, so there are a lot of hot air in winter reluctant to open within the year cycle, Automatic air conditioning as manual air conditioning and so on. So exactly how to use Automotive air conditioning Is most appropriate?

1, properly set, maintaining “inner loop”: After setting the air conditioning to the “inner loop” and reduce the vehicle exterior hot air into such open air the temperature Will drop faster. When the air outside the Car Is very good, such as a dust or odor, thIs time should select the “inner loop.” Of course, if the air inside the Car too bad, we must first open to allow air circulation outside the exchange it, then switch to the inner loop.

2, just open the ignition ban: the usual parking lot on the Car, and let’s all tan, a heat wave hit a Car door! However, thIs time absolutely not immediately open air, be sure to roll down the window ventilation on the road a few minutes, then turn on the air, because to start with air conditioning Will increase the number of engine load, long time down the effects of engine life.

3, long exposure Car to slow air conditioning: summer, try not to park the Car in direct sunlight, which Will cause the Car extremely high temperatures, if there Is no way, so when used again, first door Is opened, and air, allowing the Car to dIsperse the heat, wait until the temperature inside and outside the Car no difference when the vehicle Is started again, open air, thIs time to cool faster and more fuel-efficient.

4, before the stop, turn off the air conditioning: to develop turn off the air conditioner and then turn off the habit, when about 1 kilometers remaining Will be on the air conditioning off, the temperature inside the Car not so fast rIse, while the advance off the air conditioner can also prevent forgetting to turn off air conditioning, the next system startup, operation of direct air conditioning.

After switching off the air conditioner, the ventilation fan Is adjusted to moderate wind speed or wind speed, the time since the temperature of the evaporator Is still close to the freezing point, the air can also be formed through the coldgas. Use vehicle air conditioner Will drip thIs reason also, the hot air flowing through the evaporator, wherein the water vapor Is condensed into liquid water, the collection of a large number of liquid droplets. A larger air volume fan also helps around the evaporator and the volatile liquid water, such as moss and prefer dark, damp environment of the bacteria difficult to survive, that Will not produce unpleasant odors, prevent potential respiratory system emergence of the dIsease.

Car Is how to use the air conditioning you know? Prior to correctly use the air conditioning?