There are several areas car failure, do not rush to the repair shop, do it yourself can solve!

Is now getting better and better living conditions, there are a lot of families are buying a Car, and in the future with the Car, we Will travel more convenient, and in the past few years Car development of the industry Is very quickly in the Automotive industry, the competitive pressure Is very large. In order to attract more consumers come to buy the major Car firms are also resorted to the whole body of the stops, and people buy a new Car in the future, for their own vehicles are very cherIshed, so that at the usual time for Cars are also often do cleaning and maintenance to do, but also how to say the Car Is a machine, but also there Will be some glitches at the usual time, and in the emergence of these failures when there are many people who are very concern, but if the Car appeared in these types of passports, then do not worry send repair shop, and how much can solve themselves.

driving in our life time, if the owner found hIs Car there Is a problem, then the first one think of the Car to a repair shop for repairs, maintenance and repair shop of the master are also very professional, but for some small problem, and sometimes sent to the repair shop, it Is also not a small cost, so that in case of Car to these small problems, then we might solve yourself, so it can save a maintenance fee, then we Will look at what glitches can solve their own right.

1, when the ignition key Is screw fixed. There are a lot of Car owners while driving should are also encountered such a situation, but in fact for ways to deal with thIs situation Is very simple, but it Is likely that you turn on security features when the Car starts, in thIs time the steering wheel lock only, so do not worry that we go hard twIst the key in the face of such a situation, when otherwIse it Is likely to twIst off the key, and in the face of thIs situation, we only need to gently rotate about the steering wheel, and then twIst the key while you can very easily solve thIs problem.

2, Car would not start. Some owners buy a new Car or the Car Is placed in a period of time notThere are open, it Is likely to beat the fire phenomenon, thIs situation Is very normal, and we need to find a way at thIs time to find another one connected to the Car battery take your energy, it Is fully charged can easily solve, so to say do not worry send repair shop in the face of thIs situation, thIs Is also able to save a maintenance fee.

3, Car abnormal sound. There are a lot of Car owners while driving, always hear the Car sent some abnormal sound, but heard the Car when abnormal sound, are also very worried about what the Car appeared failure. For example, in the opening of a manual transmIssion Car when the Car stalls when linked to p, it might Issue a “blah” sound, and under normal circumstances Is to step on what Will sound a bit, in fact, at the time of Issuing thIs sound, but also because the solenoid valve Is Issued to the sound working time, so that Is not too much to worry about, but if you are driving every day when they are able to hear the sound, then it Is recommended to check the good.

So when you are driving have not encountered these problems? If encountered some problems, they can be resolved, then do not use the repair shop to be repaired, and in life for some small problems the Car, if it Is possible to solve it yourself, but also welcome message to share, oh.