There are particular about the color of a car, mechanic: the most difficult to fill three paint, time-consuming and also expensive!

There are particular about the color of a Car, mechanic: the most difficult to fill three paint, time-consuming and also expensive! For consumers, buying a Car Is certainly to choose their favorite models, in addition to body color Is also one of the reference item consumer choice. Today more and more Cars, driving on the road there Will inevitably be scratching may occur. In general to do the next repair shop repair mend paint just fine. But some paint to fill up not only expensive but also finIshed up effect Is not good. Repairman, said some of the color of the Car, but if rubs to a lot of trouble, and may even fix it up and repair, so what colors do not recommend buying it?

First, pearl paint, which Is commonly known mica paint. Although very nice, but the paint production process Is very complex, to mica pigment Is uniformly mixed into the primary pigment, did the painter should know how hard it Is. It does not say, the key Is after being scratched, it Is difficult to pay back the original color, you want no trace basically impossible, and the color of the paint whenever a bit flawed and very clear, it Is difficult to see.

Then the metal Is white. Although the street you can see a white Car, but in fact thIs white paint Is a difference, there Is a white paint white metal, which make up the most difficult to scratch the paint once. ThIs Is mainly because the paint work more complicated, plus the thickness of paint film, paint spray angle, even when the temperature Will affect the paint color. The color of the paint, not a professional master craftsman generally difficult to repair and original exactly. When not make up a good, one can tell the difference, so do not buy thIs paint for themselves the trouble.

Finally, do not recommend you buy Is soul moving red, which Is the red Mazda. Mazda’s thIs color Is really nice, but once the accident need to fill the paint if they occur in trouble. To look good, the colors really add a layer of translucent film between paint and varnIsh, so the latter Is also very troublesome repair, the cost Is high. When selecting paint must not be arbitrary, and some colorful paint looks very nice, but a hassle to fix, once the latter appears impossible to repair damaged original state, so when buying a Car as we choose ordinary paint, paint above three Do not choose, of course, if you are a local tyrant, then you can so, because the local tyrants are generally direct transfer, never up painting.