There are many ways to protect the paint, how to choose?

vehicle paint, Is more afraid of prolonged sun exposure oxidation, or the surrounding environment Is not very good air pollutants, a long time Will penetrate into the paint where it Is difficult to remove. Protect the paint, most Is to avoid the occurrence of these two cases. Now the beauty of the vehicle body for the protection of the ‘project, there are many, about the same purpose, but use of the material, process and effect the final presentation Is somewhat different.

waxing Is the most simple. Waxing Is relatively inexpensive, technical requirements are the lowest. After washing the vehicle can request a maintenance man waxing. Chela relatively easy to break down, and for anti-oxidation, anti-fouling effect Is not very good, generally up to a month from re-waxing, too much trouble, so now many owners do not have to use a waxing. In addition to waxing, there are also other body protection projects, such as coating, plating crystal and invIsible sewing. Much better than the film, can be formed relatively strong protective layer on the surface of the vehicle body, the vehicle body Isolated from direct contact with the outside world, in order to truly anti-sun ash. Because the material Is better than wax, decorating the store to do a film, the price Is not cheap, considering economic factors, we can go back to their own buy their own spray coating spray, it Is convenient, and a spray can maintain a 2-3 month, Is still relatively good.

and plated crystal, it Is better than a cosmetic coating manner, the protective film Is formed of more durable, the effect Is better, but more expensive plating crystal, if there Is a vehicle bumps re-do the original paint plated crystal Will be destroyed going to re-patching. As for invIsible garment, in theory, should still be good, but now invIsible sewing Is not much, most people still prefer to accept the coating or plating crystal thIs way.

paint protection, in fact, many ways, the situation Is not the same use. Waxing Is the single lowest cost, but a short interval of time, the effect Is not very satIsfactory. Coating Is a more appropriate choice, especially hIs operation more at home to save money, bought a new Car, consider using coating. As for crystal-plated, small advice or other vehicles also had several paint of some years, you can do to enhance the gloss of a body. ThIs in several ways not completely absolute good or bad, the owner can decide according to their own vehicle and the age of the vehicle situation.

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