There are four car can not repair the fault, if you have a car, do not waste money to repair shop

by the tens of thousands of vehicles are assembled from parts, Is assembled in the sophIsticated technology, to work together with the operation. But the Car, after all, Is a frequently used items, after using a long time, close cooperation between the parts Is not, there Will be various failures. Problems with Car trouble coming 4S shop maintenance, but there Is not even the fault repair shop can not be resolved, continue to maintain a complete waste of money, such as the following four faults.

First, and the frustration transmIssion jitter. double-clutch gearbox are prone to problems with AT appeared frustrated, once thIs problem occurs, the basic cause Is not mechanical hardware, but its control settings of a computer program in question. In fact, thIs Is not said two kinds of transmIssion Is not good, but designers are not necessarily designed to fully meet the driving habits of the owners of the gearbox, thereby giving rIse to frustration. And gearbox are mostly imported and domestic service can not master basic repair.

Second, burning oil. In fact, a lot of Cars burning oil problem exIsts, as long as within a certain range would be acceptable, and thIs range Is 0.3% more than if it means burning oil. ThIs Is due to defects in design and development lead, and thIs Is no way to improve, while the 4S and general repair workshop Is also open eyes closed eyes, as long as no more than many would not bother with it. In fact, as long as develop good driving habits, burning oil Will not cause much impact, at best, nothing more spare oil.

Third, Automotive abnormal noIse. abnormal sound Car Is a lot of Cars there are problems, but rarely met a new Car, but the Car Will be open for a few years abnormal sound occur frequently. Abnormal sound Car part can be solved, but in part because the manufacturing process Is not precIse cause of the fit between the parts are not in place Will naturally have abnormal sound, which Is precIsely that they can not be resolved, in addition to reassemble all the time.

Fourth, lack of vehicle power. After some vehicles in use a long time, the power shortage Will occur, but usually smaller Cars in rowAfter the addition of coke, basically you can determine the problem of the engine. Originally a small dIsplacement vehicle power Is not strong, the use of a worn parts over time, power Will decline further unless the replacement of the power system, otherwIse there Is no way to solve.

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