There are automobile paint “flying paint” how to do? Try these small coup

Will encounter a lot of friends in the Car during the question: parked around the site or plant hurriedly left, found on the back with a layer of white paint, black or other colors something very ugly! Indelible wash off. These in the end Is what Is it? Let me tell you: It Is near the site or in the factory paint to paint drifting with the wind Will come, the “flying paint.” So the question Is: How can we get rid of it then? Here to share a few small coup.

There are many ways of flying paint handling, first you have to determine whether the paint has to dry fly; usually paint in the absence of a heat lamp or bake in the summer sun exposure a few hours Is not dryness of the premIse.

First, asphalt can try gasoline detergent or wipe, wipe if it shows no flying paint dryness, it Is easy to solve; if there are not such materials, with a fingernail slight scratch it, can scrape if it means flying paint did not dry, it Is recommended that you immediately go to the nearest beauty shop Car buy a bottle of water that day (banana oil) or Carburetor cleaner wipe, both organic solutions can efficient dIssolution and softening paint overspray.

For dryness already flying paint sludge can be rinsed with water to adsorption treatment that day: day that the water jet there are flying to the paint finIsh, wait a moment, rubbing back and forth spent sludge in the finIsh, Careful not to force too much, to prevent damage to the finIsh. And a hand touched the paint, until the paint has a smooth feeling so far. Then a clean towel to wipe clean, view the treatment effect.

If the fly thick paint on the Car paint, then use sandpaper to polIsh treatment: sprinkle the right amount of paint in the areas of flying paint water, lightly sanding straight line (not a circular motion) with sandpaper No. 2000 on the areas of flying paint. To finIsh the grinding process Is kept wet during the treatment in order to prevent the sandpaper Will be no flying paint sanding area, preferably by masking the Isolation of other protected areas.

Car paint after sanding Will lose their luster, matte look there Will be a feeling, which need to be mirrorThe surface reduction treatment can be blended abrasive slurry (reducing agent) with a polIshing machine for sanding polIshing over an area reduction, reduction of original gloss finIsh. ThIs method Is cumbersome, it Is recommended to professional Automotive beauty shop for a professional to handle it more reliable.

There are flying Car paint paint how to do? Try these small coup.